Selling your car in the UAE? Check out these top tips for sellers!

Selling your car in the UAE? Check out these top tips for sellers!

We all have that perspective that selling your car in the UAE can be such a hassle that you’d sell it to a dealer and eventually sell it for way less than it’s value.

Selling your car shouldn’t really be that difficult especially when you’re listing your car on UAE’s number one used cars online marketplace. We’ve put together top tips from our dubizzle guru to help you sell your car faster – let’s go!

Set the right market price for your car

The first thing you’ll need to do is price your car correctly. Although haggling is part of the process, don’t set your advertised car value too far above your minimum as you’ll get fewer calls & buyers will find a better deal. Don’t know where to start? Check out our free car valuation tool & see how your car fairs out in the market.

Photography is king! Give your car justice

A picture can tell a thousand words, so make sure your pictures count. Photography your car with a clear background (think sky and grass, not housing estate). Try and keep the sun behind the camera, and include a shot of every angle – front, back and both sides – as well as the engine bay, interior, and any special features. Ensure your car photos are in focus and if there is any damage mentioned in the advert consider showing this as well. Check out dubizzle’s guide for car photography for a quick how-to.  

Empower car buyers with the right information

Make it clear from the off the exact make and model you are offering, as well as any special trim or specification designation. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Does it have a warranty? Your car being under warranty might shift the needle when it comes to buyers deciding between two cars & could very well justify why they should spend some extra dirhams on your car instead
  • Car Specification? Is it GCC or is it something else – keep in mind that GCC specs are easier to insure 😉
  • Did you include your Vin (Chassis) Number? Fun Fact – cars with Vin number available get up to 10% more leads on dubizzle.


Run an initial car inspection and tackle the small fixes

Things like stone chips or damaged alloy wheels can really let down a car’s appearance but are usually cheap and easy to sort. Hit up one of the car inspection services in the UAE for a quick and dirty and see what you can fix and get out of the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to dubizzle and put your car for sale!

Download the dubizzle app and start selling!



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