Take a ride into the future

Take a ride into the future

Imagine being able to fly over all the congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road. Imagine having a perfect bird-eye view of Dubai as your flying to your destination.

Seems like a scene from The Jetsons, doesn’t it?

Passenger drones are now being launched in Dubai!

Flying taxis will be made public with Dubai being the first in the world to launch them.

According to Dubai authorities, the Chinese eHang 184 will be launched as soon as July.

These drones have already been tested in Dubai’s skies.

How long can the drone fly for?

The drone, which is electrically powered, can fly for approximately 30 minutes.

How many passengers can be on board and who controls them?

Only one passenger can be seated on the drone and they cannot weight more than 100 kg.

The flying taxis will be controlled solely by the use of a touch screen.

The passenger on board the drone will select their desired destination through the touch screen. The drone will then fly to their selected destination without the use of any human intervention. It will map the route and transport the passenger to their destination while hoping from one set landing spot to another.

The propellers of the drone are designed in a manner in which they can fold inwards making the drone possible to fit in a unique car parking space.

These devices have a “fail-safe system” which propels it to land nearby in case anything malfunctions.

So, just how fast do these drones fly?

The drones have a maximum speed of 100 km (62 miles) an hour and can fly 50 km (31 miles) on a single charge.

What’s the expected cost of one of these drones?

These super cool drones can come with a big price tag attached to it. A drone can cost a whopping US $ 300,000.

What’s not to love about these futuristic devices?

Well, for one thing, if you’re afraid of heights or claustrophobic, this won’t be the ideal form of transportation for you.

Otherwise, we bet you are as keen as we are for the launch of Dubai’s passenger drones!

Let’s just hope we don’t see too much traffic in the sky!

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