dubizzle Motors 2017 Annual Report

dubizzle Motors 2017 Annual Report

With dubizzle Motors being the biggest and most trusted used cars marketplace in the UAE, we are revealing some interesting numbers and facts from 2017, such as the most listed brands, most searched brands. Check it out!

Quick facts

  • 54% of all used cars listed on dubizzle Motors in 2017 were less than 5 years old
  • Range Rover, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Yaris, Camry and Jeep Wrangler were the most searched models on dubizzle Motors in 2017
  • Toyota and Nissan were the most listed brands with 14% and 11% of the used car listings on dubizzle Motors in 2017 respectively
  • One used car was listed for sale every two minutes in 2017
  • The total value of used cars on the platform was over AED 20.5 billion, with an average price of AED 90K per car.

Most searched brands and models

The most searched brands were Toyota (14% of the searches), Nissan (12%), Mercedes (9%), BMW (7%), Ford (6%) followed by Porsche (3%), reinforcing the wide selection of vehicles available on dubizzle Motors for all users.

When looking at the most searched models by users, the most popular were Range Rover (with an average price of AED 209K), followed by Mitsubishi Pajero (AED 48.5K), Toyota Yaris (AED 29.9K), Toyota Camry (AED 42K) and Jeep Wrangler (AED 81.5K).

The most popular car brands listed on the platform were Toyota (14% of the listings), Nissan (11%), Mercedes Benz (9%), BMW (7%), Ford (6%), Lexus (5%) and Audi (4%). The Nissan Patrol was revealed to be the most listed model by sellers in 2017.

Most searched features

The most popular features and options specified on cars for sale, including keyless start and parking sensors (48% of the listings), Bluetooth systems (47%), leather seats (40%), and premium wheel rims (31%).


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