Buying car insurance in the UAE made easier

Buying car insurance in the UAE made easier

When buying your dream car, it can be a headache to choose the best car insurance from a list of over a hundred companies. Would it not be perfect if you can just sit, relax and wait for the most suitable options to be served on a platter by your own personal shopper?

Here’s the good news: dubizzle Motors has just made all these possible by partnering with

As a result of this partnership, not only will you have the right person to assist you in buying your car insurance, you will have access to information that will help you make the right decisions in buying your car and the insurance for which.

The information needed by intelligent buyers was happy to share that there is an overall decrease in premiums for car owners in the UAE. There is a marked gross premium reduction of 8% in the first half of 2018 for the top five insured brands in the country, namely, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota.  The most popular insured models for these brands in the said year are Ford Edge, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Corolla. In addition to which, we have the BMW X5.

The reason for the price reduction

  • We have more careful drivers on the road.

This is proven by having fewer traffic accidents recorded in 2018.  It is a positive sign that we have an increasing number of traffic law abiders.

  • Rewards from the government

As an incentive to continue having fewer traffic accidents, the UAE Insurance Authority has allowed insurance companies to lower the premiums for policyholders who have not made a claim so far.

The time we need a car insurance the most has a very good record when it comes to being there at the time a car insurance is needed the most, and that is the time of the claims.  

  • Weather plays a role

With the heat playing a major role, shared that most claims are made during the summer which reached around 142 claims.  On the other hand, the lowest number of claims are made in December with only 36 claims.

  • Age does count

Those below the age of 30 and above the age of 60 have submitted more claims.  These age groups may need to take further care while on the roads. On the other hand, those aged between 51 to 60 hold the record for the lowest number of claims.

Comprehensive vs Third Party Only Insurance

It is good to hear that 76% of the users realize the value of having a car insurance that covers accidental damage to their own car not only that of the third party.  

The best things in line for you

  • Easy, reliable and fast to use tool

dubizzle has created a tool available in every car listed. The form generated once you click on the banner has all the relevant car information as well as your details if logged in as a registered dubizzle user.  At most, you will need less than 30 seconds to complete the remaining few fields.

  • Your own personal shopper

Do not hesitate to pick-up when they call you as you would receive no less than the finest professional treatment.  Trust that they do live up to the name ‘personal’. With all the automated responses over the phone, it is nice to finally have a real person to talk to at the end of the other line who understands and can recommend options that are tailored fit to your requirements.

Download the dubizzle app and find your dream car today!



  • Rohan Mustafa

    Thanks for this needful information.I prefer tpl car insurance dubai over comprehensive cover. Because I am having 10 years of experience in the driving fireld and my previous record is also good. But still I admit comprehensive plan is the best one for all type of people. Oman Insurance Company offers best insurance plan

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