A unique Range Stormer makes an appearance on dubizzle

A unique Range Stormer makes an appearance on dubizzle

In 2004, Land Rover revealed its first-ever concept car at the North American International Auto Show – the Range Stormer. Thanks to its sharply sloped windshield and A-pillars, a low roof, hood vents, clamshell hood, and the “scissor”-style nature of the doors, this concept vehicle took motorheads all over the world by storm.

It is no surprise that a replica of the Range Stormer was modified for one of the UAE’s Sheikhs in 2006. The creation of this model was featured in an episode of the popular television series, Street Customs by West Coast Customs (a repair shop specialized in customizing cars) and is said to have cost a whopping AED 1.8 million.

In June 2020, the Range Stormer made its way on to dubizzle. The supercharged car sporting a mileage of just over 10,000 kilometers, split-folding gullwing doors, a unique clamshell hood, and one-piece skeletal seats that give all passengers a full racing experience was listed for sale at AED 185,000.

Fun fact: only three custom Range Stormer’s were ever made, with the royal ride being the only one featuring a vibrant orange color.

Don’t miss out! Check out the listing of the car here.

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