5 things you didn’t know about BMW

5 things you didn’t know about BMW

Each month we’ll bring you 5 facts about a car brand that will blow you away. This month we decided to start off with an infamously loved brand – except of course if you own a Mercedes – the BMW!

1. BMW was once in kitchens


After WWII, BMW was forced to stop manufacturing any kind of vehicle whatsoever for their support to the German efforts during the war. It turned its attention to the kitchen and made cast-iron pots and pans instead. In 1947, BMW was allowed to go back to making motorcycles, and things were pretty much back to normal when cars returned to production in 1951.

2. BMW first electric car was created decades ago

Though electric cars now seem modern and forward-thinking, the idea of an electric car is quite old. The first electric car was invented in 1828. BMW built its first electric vehicle, the 1602e back in 1972. While it never made it to the market, the overall project wasn’t considered to be a huge success, as the car could travel 37 miles on a single charge.

3. BMW Owns the MINI and Rolls Royce brands

BMW bought the British Rover Group in 1994. This means they now produce all the cars formerly produced by that company, including the MINI Cooper, Rover MG, and Land Rover. With Rolls Royce brand is acting as a longtime symbol of the ultimate luxury vehicle that’s available exclusively to those who can afford it, and MINI Coopers, being affordable and accessible to option to the average buyers, it’s easy to see why BMW has been so successful over the years. It’s worth noting that the Land Rover brand (including Range Rover) was sold to the Ford Motor Company in 2000, which later sold both Land Rover and Jaguar, under the JLR group moniker,  to Tata Motors in 2008.

4. BMW’s spinning propeller logo is a Myth

BMW’s logo is made to reference its location – the German state of Bavaria – instead of its history as an aircraft manufacturer. The blue and white logo closely resembles the blue and white chequered flag of the Bavarian Free State.

While it definitely looks like a spinning propeller, the resemblance isn’t intentional, The roundel part was part of the original logo of Rapp Motor Company who were involved in the founding of BMW.

5. An almost BMW x LAMBORGHINI Collaboration

In the early 1970s, BMW reached an agreement with Lamborghini to develop a performance car together. BMW hired acclaimed car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and produced a prototype, which was then known as the E26. Lamborghini, which was running out of cash at the time, pulled out of the contract, leaving BMW on its own. BMW then turned the concept car into the M1, which was BMW’s first M-branded car released to the public.

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