#10yearchallenge: dubizzle motors edition

#10yearchallenge: dubizzle motors edition

The 10-year challenge has taken the world by storm. People from all over the world have jumped in to post photos showing how they looked 10 years back as compared to how they look today. Well, some are a far cry from what they looked like while others remain to be a splitting resemblance of their younger years (with just a few signs of aging here and there). As expected, the said challenge was not confined to individuals. Various industries have likewise joined the bandwagon. Car companies were likewise up for the challenge.

Constantly being engineered and re-engineered from inside out, the aesthetics of cars have evolved endlessly to be in-tune with the technological advancements designed to address the ever-changing needs of the riding populace.

Honda Accord

2009: This car has been a favorite way back in 2009. Designed to dominate the family car line, it did look like a typical sensible family car (also, thanks to its great reputation for safety, reliability and good fuel economy). It was built for comfort judging from its comfortable seats and ‘homely’ interiors which sort of made buyers overlook the bulky exterior.

2019: Veering away from the heavy build of 2009, the new 2019 version sports a stealthier appearance while maintaining excellent proportions at all sides. Amongst its unique features is the large black grill, the sleek LED low beams headlights, the crocodile shaped rear lights and the attractive wheels with trendy contrast alloys. Such beauty.

Find your favorite model of the Honda Accord here.

BMW 3-Series

2009: As the new designs have come into play, looking back, many would say that the 2009 edition did appear to have a much simpler appearance in terms of its body, taillights, and wheels. Nonetheless, you will love the attention when driving this 2009 executive car as it speaks of nothing but class and luxury combined.

2019: Talk about transforming in leaps and bounds. It is slightly longer and wider than its predecessor. The front hood of the M-Sport, in particular, has strong light accentuations. It has more horizontally drawn headlamps, a sleeker beltline, a charismatic rear fender not to mention its stylish contemporary 3-dimensional tail lights. Such a beauty indeed.

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Ford Mustang

2009: One of Hollywood’s favorite cars to star in action films with the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Nicolas Cage, this car never seems to go out of style. It will always have its sporty, vintage and contemporary look in one. It is as once read, a ‘car’s modern interpretation of classic’.

2019: Thoroughly revamped but still very much the same Mustang we have come to love over the years. It is comforting to see traces of the classic 1960’s signature pony model.

It still bears the elements that make it a much-coveted muscle car such as the honeycomb grille, the sculpted hood and the LED tail lights with sequential turn signals.

Fan of this American muscle? Check out our Ford Mustangs section here.

Toyota Camry

2009: A real favorite for daily driving. The Toyota Camry 2009 bears that rounded nose which gives it that friendly appearance. It also has that quiet demeanor which has made it a top choice for the more mature market.  Its huge cabins, on the other hand, are quite an attraction for starting families.

2019: Trying to attract the younger generations, the look has been aggressively redesigned to achieve that cool and chic appeal. The Toyota Camry 2019 has fancy light set-ups for both the head and rear lights. The side has likewise taken an athletic stance and the back has become extremely contemporary with a chic spoiler and quad outlets.

Thinking of buying a VERY reliable car? How about a Camry?

Jeep Wrangler

2009: A jeep will always be a jeep no matter what year of inception. It is a vehicle with a ‘personality’. Very Spartan indeed. It was anyhow designed for combat. So you can keep your pulses raised while driving your very own jeep.

2019: This remains to be the real deal for serious rugged off-road driving. Most of the additional features aside from having a much longer bumper are on the inside, incorporating ambient lights, additional storage and other stuff that would add comfort to driving (on-road or off-road).  Other than that, the 2019 Jeep Wrangler still bears the classic shape and signature features such as its typical vertical front grill, removable roof, and doors, not to mention the old school antenna in all its glory – all those that true blue jeep wrangler fans would love. 

Are you an off-roader and looking for a big boys’ toy? Check out the available Wranglers here.

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