Introducing Verified Listings for dubizzle Property

Introducing Verified Listings for dubizzle Property

Have you ever found the property of your dreams advertised on dubizzle, but found that the listing turned out to be a false representation of the property itself, or that the property wasn’t available? To prevent issues like this, we’ve introduced ‘Verified by dubizzle’ to our property listings.

Listings that are ‘Verified by dubizzle’ have been quality checked by our in-house team as genuine listings, and posted by agencies that have been authorized to advertise by the property owners themselves.

You’ll be able to spot these properties by the ‘Verified by dubizzle’ badge on the listing and the ad will reflect the correct and true details of the property as advertised.

What makes a listing qualify as verified?

The verification process will be conducted by the ‘Verified by dubizzle’ team who will ensure that authorized agencies submit the correct documentation for their advertisements to be placed as ‘Verified Listings’. These documents are:

  1. Agreement between the Agency and Landlord to advertise (Form A)
  2. The title deed of the advertised property
  3. A copy of the property owner’s passport or landlord’s trade license

The listing must also have 10 good quality images to be accepted as verified.

These criteria will make sure that the agency has the authority from the property owner to place the ad and that the details concerning the property are true.

On the other hand, if our team finds any false information or fault with the submitted documents, the advertisement will be rejected and the agent must submit the correct documents before their ad can be recognized as ‘Verified by dubizzle’.

How will ‘Verified Listings’ help my search for a home?

If you are searching for property for sale in Dubai, ‘Verified Listings’ gives you quick access to genuine property listings advertised by authorized agencies. Once a listing receives the ‘Verified by dubizzle’ badge, you can be sure that the listing is accurate before contacting the agent directly; saving you time and removing the hassle of inaccurate or fake listings from your search.

How do I access listings that have been ‘Verified by dubizzle’?

Whether you’re using a mobile phone, PC or tablet, it’s easy to find ‘Verified Listings’. You can filter your search to include ‘Verified Listings’ only, or can search all ‘Verified Listings’ directly from the Property for Sale menu. Alternatively, if you’re searching on dubizzle by area, community or property type, look out for the ‘Verified by dubizzle’ badge on these listings.

Check our current ‘Verified by dubizzle’ Property for Sale listings here.

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