Experience dubizzle’s 360 tour

Allsopp & Allsopp having fun with dubizzle 360 kits

So, we sent across some 360 dubizzle kits to agencies who were interested in our 360 tour innovation service. Below is one of our award-winning real estate agencies, Allsopp & Allsopp, viewing a luxury apartment in Burj Khalifa in the comfort of their office. They look like they’re having a good time!

What is a 360 experience?

The 360 experience is considered the future of home viewing. It not only opens doors to advertising and branding, but it also opens a direct line of communication with clients. This tool allows you to highlight each and every aspect of your property with incredible precision, saving you and your client time and effort.

How can you get one of your properties transformed into a 360 tour on dubizzle?

  1. Contact your account manager for pricing and to book 360 tours for your properties
  2. Give us the dubizzle property reference numbers for those listings you’d like as a 360 tour
  3. We book and schedule the film team to shoot at your respective properties
  4. A week later, you’ve got yourself a 360 tour!
  5. dubizzle transforms your standard listing into a 360 listing

Transform my property into a 360 tour


What are the additional benefits of having a 360 listing?

1. A preview of your tour appears in the thumbnail image on the results page

2.  Users get an immersive experience of your property on the listing page

3.  You’ll get more serious inquiries with innovative quality content  


.. to showcase your properties in real, alluring 3D virtual walkthroughs, using our  360 tour content creation service?

It’s time to up your game!