Track your dubizzle property leads

Did you know you’re now able to track all your dubizzle property phone leads and agent call recordings using our latest feature, lead tracking?

What is lead tracking and how does it work?

Lead tracking is a newly available dubizzle property feature which tracks all your inbound calls over the last three months. It’ll show every call, whether it’s been missed or received, displayed on a handy dashboard. This ensures that your agents respond to calls quickly and don’t miss any hot leads.

dubizzle property lead tracking

Conversations can be played back at anytime and will be archived for 90 days. This will help reflect on your agents calls, for training and development within your agency.

In addition you’ll get access to detailed analytics reporting on your incoming calls, including answer rates and waiting times, giving you a clearer perspective on performance.

To make the most of your phone lead opportunities, speak to your dubizzle property account manager now, call us on 04 4 466 860 or contact us here.

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