7 tips for being a great property agent

Not that we don’t think you’re already a great property agent, but wouldn’t everyone like to be even better?

Property agent tips - In the know

Be in the know

Knowing your industry inside and out is one of the best places to start if you’re looking to showcase why you’re a cut above the rest. It’s important for property agents to stay on top of market trends, industry pricing and real estate data for both yourself and your customers. Blogs, white papers, and reports are a great place to find information, so get your teeth into the dubizzle and JLL Abu Dhabi Property Market Report to get started.

Property agent tips - Listings

Make your property ads the best they can be

Regardless of where you’re posting your ads (although we hope it’s with dubizzle.), there are some simple steps to make sure they give the right first impression and showcase your property at its finest.

  • Use good quality, authentic photographs for your listing. The best property agents use eye-catching images with clear lighting and show several rooms and angles. Even better, get a 360 tour of your property and give users a truly immersive viewing anytime, anywhere.
  • Set the right price for your property. You want to use a fair market price for your listing to make sure it gains interest and attracts the right attention.
  • Include your unique selling points in your listing’s title. Tell your customers why they should opt for your property straight away and grab their attention quickly.

Property agent tips - development

Develop yourself, as well as your property portfolio

It’s important to have fantastic properties in your portfolio and great clients and customers, but you also need to have good skills and a dedicated team to make sure you’re reaping the rewards. Invest time into developing yourself and your colleagues. Core skills like communication and negotiation are invaluable for property agents, as well as touching up your technology basics and other development areas. Learning from mentors and other great agents in your company is another way to flourish, so utilize those around who can help.

Here at dubizzle, we believe that sharing is caring, especially when it comes to knowledge. That’s why we run dubizzle Power User workshops each week. They’ll teach you how to best use dubizzle and its tools to maximize the effect of your property listings. If you want to become a property agent pro-lister with us, contact your account manager to get details or sign-up here. See you soon!

Property agent tips - customers

Know your customer

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Make the most of the useful insights (see tip 1, and our new report!) and take on board any in the field feedback you receive. For an extra deep-dive into your customer and what they want, listen back on your calls to hear their frequently asked questions or issues and think about solutions to tackle these upfront.

Our awesome lead tracking feature can help you manage this, so talk to us for more information on that. The results you see from your customer insights can then be built into a tailored training and development program (remember tip 3?) to make you even better at what you do best. See what we did there? It’s all adding up nicely…

Property agent tips - get licensed

Get licensed! Stay in line with the law

We don’t want anyone to get into trouble, which is why dubizzle only allows verified property agents to list their properties. So please, let’s all help each other out. Make sure you and licensed and that they’re up to date and renewed on time. You can even set a calendar reminder to do so if you’re one of those forgetful types.

In Dubai, remember you need to be RERA certified and make sure you have the RERA advertising permit to advertise your listings online. For property agents in Abu Dhabi and other emirates, you’ll need to keep the following documents handy to list your properties on dubizzle: your labor card, company trade license, and visa copy. This way we can validate that you’re a valid practicing property agent and everyone’s a winner.

Property agent tips - socialize

Socialize – both on and off-line

Social seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips, so make sure you get a slice of the pie. While your social media accounts are a fantastic place to promote your properties and build your brand and business; In the property industry, socializing offline is just as important.

So step away from your smartphone for a second… take a think about learning to host great open houses. They’re a prime social situation worth nailing down to springboard yourself as a great property agent. Next step: get socializing yourself at industry events – like our dubizzle Property Networking opportunities. Who said hard work couldn’t be fun?

Property agent tips - stay up to date

Stay up to date with property agent essentials

Whether it’s regulatory changes, hot property news or product tips and tricks; Don’t worry, we’re a team and we’ve got your back at dubizzle. Keep your eyes peeled for our agent digest newsletter here to make sure you’re always informed, up to date and ahead of the game.

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