Get to know your dubizzle property dashboard

We’ve revamped our property dashboard to help you better manage your listings. And you’ll be seeing many more cool updates from us on enhancements as months go by, so stay tuned.

What’s new and improved?

  1. We’ve increased the performance of the dashboard – what does this mean? Everything loads faster!
  2. If you have different dubizzle accounts for various agency branches, you can easily switch to and from any of them by using the drop down menu bar on the top left of your screen.
  3. Separate rent & sale sections – simply select “All live ads” under the category you wish to manage.
  4. Search for multiple listing IDs at the same time and refresh them at one go. Copy and paste all the reference IDs you want to refresh and hit the “refresh” button. Nice and easy!

What’s on the column to the right?

  1. Removed ads refer to expired or deleted ads
  2. Updated ads are any ads that were modified on your CRM and now updated on dubizzle
  3. Skipped ads refer to ads that either
    1. could not be pushed live OR
    2. are live but can not be updated
  4. Added ads refer to new ads that have just been published
  5. Refreshed refer to the total number of credits you’ve used to refresh listings on that day
  6. And lastly credits refer to what you have left for the day – you can either use this to refresh ads or post new ads. Don’t waste your marketing spend – make sure ur daily credit count is at 0 by the end of the day!
  7. You can also view the daily report to get an overview on how well your agency’s listings are performing.

History log terminology and their meaning

If you want to know more about the different statuses, here’s a run down on what everything means:

  • NEW implies that it is a new listing.
  • UPD means that any change was made to the listing.
  • DEL means a listing was deleted. This means the listing may have expired or you deleted it off your CRM. Rentals listings expire in 30 days and for sale listings in 60 days unless you’ve refreshed it.
  • SKP means that a listing was skipped. The reason for rejection is listed next to the status in history log. This can happen either to
    • a new listing coming onto dubizzle for the first time or
    • an old listing that could not be updated with the changes you made on your CRM. In this case the listing will still be live on dubizzle but with the old details.
  • PHT means that we downloaded a photo for the listing.
  • RFR means that a listing was ‘refreshed’, that is to say, timestamp was updated and the description with say “Refreshed from feed.”
  • EXC means that some other error occurred which isn’t your fault. You will rarely see this because we’ll fix it before you see it – but just incase you do see it, we’re on it!

Happy dubizzlin’!

For any further inquiries please reach out to your account manager or administrator at dubizzle.

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