What is the legal notice period required for a to evict a tenant in Abu Dhabi?

Lara and her husband own and apartment in Abu Dhabi. They have a tenant occupying it so she wants to know what the legal notice period is to evict a tenant in the capital. 

Lara: “My husband owns an apartment in Abu Dhabi, and we’d actually like to go

and live there. The catch is we have a tenant staying in that apartment. What’s the notice period that

we need to give that tenant before we can actually move in?

Legal response:

“To answer your question, Lara and as per Abu Dhabi tenancy law,

if you as a landlord wish to evict your tenant or to do any changes in the contract, you are to give the tenant a two-month

written notice, minimum prior to the expiration of their contract.

I hope I answered your question.”

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