What property damage costs can be deducted from your security deposit?

Reem and Omar want to know what can be deducted from their deposit when they shift.

Reem and Omar:

“The last time we moved out, our landlord heavily fined

us for damages, like broken tiles, plumbing fixtures

that needed replacing, door polishing and door knobs.

We got very little of our deposit back. So, the broken tiles I can understand,

but everything else seems completely unfair. What’s your take on this?”

Legal Consultant, Ahmed Odeh:

“The whole point of a security deposit is that the landlord can ensure

that you return the property back to him or her

in the same state as which you took it. All the damages that you have mentioned,

such as the door knobs and the plumbing fixtures,

they are justified because they are small damages.

Now, you can dispute this amount with the landlord,

stating that you can make the repairs yourself,

or that you have made considerable upgrades to the property

and such upgrades have offset the cost of the repairs.”

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