How does a landlord notarize an eviction notice in Dubai?

Lara is a landlord and she want’s to send a legal eviction notice to her tenant in Dubai. How does she do that?


“I’d like to sell my apartment but I’d like the tenant to vacate it first. I know that I need to get it notarized.

Can you tell me about that? The notarization for eviction? What’s that? How can I do that?

Legal consultant, Ahmed Odeh:

“Thank you for the question, Lara. In order to get a notice for eviction notarized,

the first thing you have to do is go to the Notary Public or the Dubai Courts.

Make sure to bring with you the following: your passport copy, the passport copy of the tenant,

copy or title deed and the Ejari agreement. Once you get to the Notary Public, you can approach a typing center,

and for a small fee, they can draft a notice for you, in Arabic or in Arabic and English.

And once the notice is ready, make sure to look through it and check that the landlord’s details

are there, the tenant’s details are there and the description of the unit, as well as reasons for the eviction.

Just remember that the minimum notice period for eviction has to be at least twelve months. I hope that we’ve answered your question.”

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