How do you check if an Abu Dhabi real estate agent is legally practicing?

Sarah wants to know how to verify if an agent in Abu Dhabi is legal. 


“I have family living in Abu Dhabi and may want to buy property there.

But how do I verify that the agent is authorized, as there is no RERA registration ID

in the capital?”


“At the moment, there is no regulatory body for real estate agents in Abu Dhabi yet.

So, if you want to select a suitable agent, we advise that you obtain a copy

of the trade license of the company, and a copy of the visa page, or the labour card for the broker.

The reason for the trade license is that you can check on the trade activity

that the company does work as a real estate agent.

And the reason for the visa page or labour card of the broker,

is that you can check that the broker is actually working for the company.

Ideally, it is best to use an agent that has been recommended to you by someone you know.”

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