Dubai landlord sends an eviction notice via email. Is it valid?

Nausheen and Imran want to know if an emailed eviction notice is legal?

Nausheen and Imran:

“I just received an e-mail from my landlord giving me twelve-month notice

to evict us from our apartment. But, it was just an e-mail typed up…

There was no official document, nothing signed. So, I’d like to know whether an e-mail serves as official notice for eviction?

Or whether I need an official document notorized? Yeah absolutely, there is nothing signed, nothing…

Just a written e-mail. ”

Legal consultant, Ahmed Odeh:

“That’s a good question, Imran and Nausheen. By law, the landlord is required

to provide at least twelve months advance notice if he wants to evict the tenant

from his own property. And this notice has to be sent

either through Notary Public, or by registered mail. Now, you have three options.

the first option is that you respond to the landlord stating that you have confirmed the notice.

And the second option is that you do not respond at all.

And the third option is that you respond by stating this notice is unacceptable.

And also you will have to state him that you need the notice to be sent

either through Notary Public or by registered mail.

I hope I’ve answered your questions. If you have any further questions,

please refer them to the Q and A section, so you can know your rights.”

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