Does the landlord have to register the Ejari contract?

Reem & Omar want to know who has to apply for the Ejari contract.

Reem & Omar:

“As a tenant, do I need to have a registered Ejari contract?

And what if I don’t? And who’s responsibility is it to apply for the Ejari contract?


“It is not your responsibility, Reem and Omar to register your tenancy contract

with Ejari. But your landlord and your landlord’s representative obligation

according to do so by the law. Now, if he fails to do so, you will find

it very difficult to lodge a claim to the Rent Dispute Committee of Dubai.

And moreover, it will be very difficult to get your deposit payment back if you don’t have proof of payment.

If your landlord and their representative are not registering the tenancy with Ejari, please follow up with them.

Because you better be safe than sorry.”

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