Can a tenant use a property’s facilities even if the landlord has not paid the service charges?

Maroine’s landlord hasn’t paid his service charges. Can he use the facilities?


“My landlord has not paid his service charges for the property I’m living in.

And I don’t know what to do, because the community is not allowing

me to use the facilities such as the gym or the swimming pool.

So, is it my responsiblity to pay these charges?

What do I have to do?

Legal consultant, Ahmed Odeh:

“As a tenant, Maroine you have the full right to enjoy the use of the property

and all of its facilities.  It is the landlord’s obligation to keep up-to-date

with the payments of his service charges. This is a matter which is strictly

between the landlord and the developer. The immediate solution for this

is to address the matter with the landlord and inform the property management

company for the building that you have no involvment in this

whatsoever, because you are the tenant. I hope this answered your question.”

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