Can a Dubai landlord rent out their property without having a title deed in hand?

Nausheen and Imran don’t know if they should sign the lease for this apartment. Find out why.

Nausheen and Imran:

“We started looking for a new home and we found this apartment

we really liked. It was beautiful. Yes. So, basically I wanted to make a move on it immediately

and put the deposit down and stuff. But then, our agent was saying that the title deed isn’t ready yet

becuase… The agent said that the person

we’re renting the apartment from hasn’t finished their payments to the developer.

So he didn’t have the title deed in hand. He wasn’t able to show it to us.

But she was still asking us for the deposit to secure our rental of the apartment.

So we’d like to know whether we should pay the deposit without seeing the title deed

in the name of the person that we’re renting the apartment from.”

Legal response:

“So no, Nausheen and Imran. Do not pay the deposit.

If the landlord isn’t able to provide you with the title deed,

it probably means that he does not have the ownership of the apartment.

Furthermore, the agent should not be renting out an apartment if he knows that the landlord

does not have a title deed. On top of that, the landlord

will not be able to register the tenancy agreement with Ejari.

I hope I answered your questions.”

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