3 things every Abu Dhabi tenant should know

The three most important things that Abu Dhabi tenants need to be aware about

are rent increases, evictions and tenancy contracts.

As of November 2013, the Abu Dhabi Government has lifted the rent cap.

That means that landlords can now increase the rents

and evict tenants from their properties without stating reasons why.

Now, rent increases and evictions are subject to similar notice periods.

For residential properties, the landlord has to submit a notice

at least sixty days in advance of the contract expiry date.

And for commercial properties, the landlord has to send a notice

at least ninety days ahead of the expiry date.

Lastly, for tenancy contracts, the tenant needs to have a detailed

tenancy contract with his landlord encompassing all the provisions such as maintenance and termination.

And while you’re at it, make sure to have a good relationship with your landlord,

so you can avoid any disputes in the future.