3 things every Abu Dhabi buyer should know

Here are three things that every Abu Dhabi buyer should know.

Number one, check the credibility of your seller.

If your seller is a developer, check that he has obtained

the requisite permissions and approvals from the Abu Dhabi municipality

in order to build the property. If the seller is an individual, check

that he has either a title deed or a statement of account from

his developer, showing that he has completed all his payments so far.

Now on a side note, if you’re an expat buying

a property in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Municipality has not yet implemented

a system to issue title deeds to expats.

That does not mean that you cannot own a property in Abu Dhabi.

On the contrary, you can, provided that you obtain

a statement of account from your developer showing that you have completed

all your payments and that the property has been duly handed over to you.

Secondly, review the sale and purchase agreement by the seller, and more particularly the unit size,

the plot size, the anticipated completion date,

and the payment plan in line with the construction progress. And lastly, check that you have

original copies of the sale and purchase agreement and payment receipts

so that you can keep it as proof of purchase

in case you get into a dispute with your developer.