I am leaving the country, however, my tenure in Dubai does not expire until after another 8 months. I also paid the full rent amount in advance. Now I wish to inform the landlord but I am worried that he will not refund to me the remainder of the rent. What should I do?


  For both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are two alternatives which you may take in this case:  
  • Agree with the landlord to vacate the property. 2 months is standard unless you and your landlord agree different Different terms the landlord will most likely ask for a penalty e.g. One month or two months’ rent but you will be able to terminate the lease and take the remaining part of the rent. Given the current state of the market, rents are on the rise so the landlord will more likely than not agree to you vacating the property so he may be able to command a higher rent for the new tenant.
  • Agree with the landlord to sublease the property. Provided the landlord gives written permission, you will be able to sublease the property and gain benefit from it until the date of expiry of the lease.