The new dubizzle your home designers!

dubizzle your home is heading into season 2 – so it’s exciting days for us, meeting our candidates and selecting the ones whose home needs a makeover the most and all that!

With that happening, we figured it’s about time we properly introduced our new interior design team: Darrin De Grads from Concepts Black and Sebastian Strassburg from OPM.


As team, they’re no strangers to dubizzle or interior design for that matter: They are not only dubizzling four lucky users’ homes, but also the actual dubizzle office.


This piece, a 7m meeting room table, has moved in our board room and we love especially how it’s split in 2 when we divide the room and when we put the table together we are all tempted to sing that Spice Girls song the one about two become one.

It’s quite an amazing custom design, with pieces of recycled wood covered in resin. Some seriously classy stuff, and the hulky guys at dubizzle are having an awesome time separating the table when needed.

When asked how they first met, Darrin and Sebastian like telling the story on how they started working together on a project, a 3200sqm penthouse in Marina. Sebastian maintains they were friends before that, while Darrin doesn’t remember when they first met but he claims it was unforgettable.

dubizzle your home interior designers

Together they form the new highly critical and severely quality conscious interior design team for dubizzle your home.

Sebastian says he is excited to prove that with a little effort and clever shopping, you don’t have to limit yourself with a carbon-copy interior of a particular Swedish furniture shop.

Darrin cannot wait to get a smile from our contestants when they see the result, and show how a new space can bring happiness.



Well then, on that note – stay tuned for more news on dubizzle your home and some fantastic interior design ideas and how-to’s!

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