Season 2 challenge: Introducing the contestants!

You’ve met our fab designers Darrin and Sebastian, and now it’s time you meet the contestants of #dubizzleYourHome season 2. We must say; they were very happy to see us when we came over!

Haris’ bachelor pad: Defining minimal minimalism

Though spacious and brings in plenty of natural light, Haris’ living room doesn’t necessarily turn heads. He decided it was time to give his bachelor pad a makeover and reached out to us. Our response? We’re not afraid of new challenges!


Lucie’s bedroom: An entire room furnished with just a bed?

Lucie’s bedroom has a lot of space that’s not being utilized. Other than that, there’s a bunch of random stuff that’s just lying around the room. We just know our designers are gonna have a field day with this one!


Mausumi’s living room: A clash of colors

When we first set foot in Mausumi’s house our first reaction was whoa, nelly! The yellow and green on the walls may have done some serious damage to our eyes. Still, our designers can see the potential in this living room given the light and space.


Omar: Cluttered kid’s room with a random sofa

Why is there a sofa in a kid’s room? No one will ever know. Omar’s kid has a room so cluttered and unutilized, and we feel the forces are strong with this one!


So what is the plan with all this?

Stay tuned for some amazing transformations coming your way soon!

In the meantime, there’s no excuse for not improving your space a little bit!

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