My living room with dubizzle!

I would have never thought of renting out an already furnished apartment, but it seemed like a clever decision at the time. I slowly started realizing my mistake as I spent several sleepless nights thinking to myself something just isn’t right… was it the uncomfortable sofa? Could it be that creepy looking painting hanging above it? Or maybe it’s that lousy, flickering side lamp? I had long realized that my living room space was not ideal, comfy or well-fit for my personality. It was time to stop procrastinating and make a change, thus my journey began.

1) The ideal coffee table.


I’m weary of the common, everyday mass produced Scandinavian coffee tables, not that there is anything wrong with them. However, It’s time to bring in a different and unique piece that defines my style. I’m someone who enjoys a laid-back atmosphere and this beautiful, rustic coffee table works wonders for me. It could do the same for you, find one through dubizzle.

Find more coffee tables in your style on dubizzle

2) Cabinet out; Console in


Chunky cabinets are so 80’s. Hello industrial spartan style, short console table with wheels. It absolutely defines character in my living space, and doesn’t take up as much space.

I know you secretly want one. Find consoles on dubizzle.

3) Rock it.


This remarkable rocking chair caught my attention as it seemed to blend in well with the rustic look I was initially opting for.

Chairs, rocking chairsfutons, sofas the whole story. You are guaranteed to come across a good deal like I did.

4) That retro touch.


Call me old school, but this piece is perfect for that modern classic look. This old rotary dial telephone gets lots of attention, and adds some classic flair to your home.

Get the items that suit your vintage style on dubizzle.

5) Transistors in my life…say what?


Need something to replace a boring reading lamp? Need something that grabs the interest of passerby’s? Meet the transistor. Find it on dubizzle radio transistors to jukeboxes here on dubizzle.

6) Mirror, Mirror…


This creative hand-made mirror did a good job at catching my eye. It was bought at first sight. It is ornaments like these that can create harmony in my living space.

Looking for mirrors and accessories too? Take a look and see if you can find a cooler mirror.

7) Going old school all the way.


That moment when you realize what is missing in your life… a hipster, vintage, retro style underwood typewriter. That’s right, I bought one.

Check out more cool antiques and collectibles on dubizzle.

8) Vintage posters


If there was a battle for the most attention-grabbing item in my interior space, I’d say the vintage ad prints that I bagged would win… along with the last item below.

Nobody wants blank walls. Everything you need for decoration for your walls is on dubizzle.

9) The wine rack

Last but not least, I bought the classic wall-mounted wine rack. A vintage interior would never be the same without a rack for your vintages.

If you’re looking for home decor accents on dubizzle be sure to check out their wine racks.

So I had the strangest apartment thrown at me, which I refused to live with. Instead I decided to do something about it. I browsed through dubizzle and came across plenty of unique pieces which in turn, turned my interior space around making it my dream home and making each square foot count!

Want a change in your living room?

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