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If you are looking for a sophisticated contemporary décor, you have come to the right page!

There is no rule that says you need to stick to black and whites; a modern or sleek décor doesn’t need to look dull. All you need is a few good stand-out, refined pieces of furniture.

We’re here to help – we’ve narrowed down 7 slick pieces of furniture solely for you.

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1. A modern armchair.


Need some quiet time? This modern armchair will help you do just that. Drag it to the corner of your home or next to a window, sit back, sink in and unwind.

Add a lighting set up too and it would do well for those late-night meditative moments or for times when you have a  a good novel in your hands.

Oh, and while browsing you might come across a few cute ads like this one that will put a smile on your face!

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2. An egg chair.


These futuristic-looking chairs are on everyones’ wishlist at the moment, even kids! They are not only fun and funky to have around, but they are also comfortable and give you a little bit of privacy at the same time.

Maybe it’s time for you to invest in one. Browse for slick sofas or futons right here on dubizzle!

3. White columns.


Here’s a brilliant idea: get some white columns like these to showcase your vases, trinkets, or trophies. They add a lot more character to your living area than a usual display case would.

More & more beautiful home accessories to your taste here on dubizzle.

4. Lovely Italian dining table


Dine with style with this gorgeous Italian dining table that blends a rustic wooden texture and neat modern design together!

Amazing dining tables are all yours to choose on dubizzle!

5. A slick modular storage unit.


You don’t want furniture that is distracting or an eye-sore as you watch an intense episode of Game of Thrones, do you? So pick a modular cabinet unit like this one; it’s easy on the eyes and comes with plenty of storage space. Here’s to more movie nights!

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6. A beautiful modern rug.

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Nothing says warm and inviting like a plush white rug on the living room floor. Soft muted colors also add a special grace to your home.

Look for more modern-style rugs and carpets on dubizzle!


7. A trendy Bo Concept table lamp.


Futuristic meets trendy with this lamp. Step up your desktop style by adding a dash of glowing splendor!
Lamps, chandeliers, lighting fixtures… all here on dubizzle!

It’s time to say bye-bye to all those overly ornate pieces and hello to modern-minimalistic interior. After all, that cluttered style was never you and who knew cleaner lines and subdued colours could be the next best thing for you!

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