Hipster things you can buy on dubizzle!

Vinyls, re-purposed tables, wardrobes filled with washed-out tees… Sound like your perfect little heaven on earth? Congrats, you’re a hipster!

So, we did a little digging around on dubizzle, and felt like we could help out with making your indie hipster pad a tad cooler:

1) A Polaroid!


Hipsters have saved the Polaroid from going extinct. I’ll say that again. Go get yourself a Polaroid camera and film sheets on dubizzle. Make sure you have the real deal though!

2) A 1968 Chevrolet Camaro


Retro classic with coke bottle curves. Rest assured it doesn’t get more hipster. Find your personal 1968 Chevrolet Camaro for sale on dubizzle.

3) A Technics Turntable


You don’t have to be a DJ to appreciate great music. With these turntables on dubizzle, get ready to spin your favorite tunes!

4) Retro-Urban Furniture


This urban-retro style is a perfect complement to that hipster streak in you!
More retro furniture on dubizzle.

5) A Pocket Watch Say Whaaaaat


Yes this is happening, people are selling awesome vintage pocket watches on dubizzle!

See? With just the right amount of stylish items and furniture, you can now have that elegant hipster-ness to your space. Make it about showcasing the things that you love. Style your space with what reflects who you really are – if hipster and urban décor is what runs in you, then anything that does not reflect that part of you doesn’t deserve the space you pay so much for.

So what’s next? dubizzle your home that’s what’s next!

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  • Jocelyn flores

    Do you have old kids’ stuff like toys, books, etc for sale?

  • Riyas Rasheed

    Loved it.
    I am buying that camera 🙂

  • Mohammad Javed

    I love dubizzle. It make our life easy. Buying n selling always simple n quick. It convert house into homes. Luv it.