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Looking for a new home décor that has a sense of balance between rustic chic and effortlessly elegant with an Ooh La La factor? Most people associate country style with their grandmother’s house. If you want comfort, yearn for rural harmony, or even if you are simply inspired by homes from the Provence… then French country style is the way to go!

It all started in the South of France, and is now one of the most popular interior styles around the world. Ahhh oui oui… Envision lavender-filled meadows and glistening sunshine…the rustic nature and charm of all those cozy French farmhouses and country homes. It embodies the pastoral nature and charm of old French farmhouses and country homes. The décor imitates the adornments of rural French cottages, maisonettes, manors and villas around the hills, valleys and vineyards of the French countryside.

Want to dress up your home with some French chic? We’ve got in our ninjas back to pick out some of the best of rustic country style décor right from dubizzle!

1) Vintage, shabby, chic dressing table!


Ouuuuu la la check out this vintage shabby chic dressing table in white – J’adore cette pièce.This exquisite furniture pièce has been painted white, take note readers: all furniture painted white is very common in French country style décor. Especially elegant with the white on cherrywood colour. A definite must have!

Browse more dressing tables on dubizzle, and you may get yourself the perfect French chic one!

2) Chic dining table!


Matte, natural looking, dark woods and pieces that have been painted white are all quite common. Antique looking rusty iron and metals are also a primary component of French country style décor. This kitchen table would fit nicely into a well-lit home, especially in the kitchen or by the patio or under a glass solarium. You can find more dining tables on dubizzle.

3) Country style bed!


Ok so we want a space that’s extra comfy to feel relaxed and calm, in other words, there is nothing wrong with sinking into a bunch of super fluffly pillows after a long day as a form of therapy… Want this casual and charming style for your bedroom? Linen sheets are great for this look and if you come across Toile, then add that to your shopping list to create the perfect French Style Bedroom. (Toile meaning linen cloth or canvas in French, is a fabric with repeated surface decoration or embroidered patterns).

You can find plenty of beds and bed sets over here on dubizzle!

4) Pottery Barn dining table!


This classic looking country piece can be the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining area, especially with some contrasting beige or light brown chandeliers hanging above it. It blends in well with wooden or dark bamboo wood dining chairs. Useful drawers are also built into the table to give it a functional aspect as well. C’est un ensemble magnifique!

Check out some more beautiful dining tables on dubizzle!

5) Much needed bookshelves!


We all have secrets… like heaps of books, paperwork or jumbled items hiding around somewhere, but you can’t hide them forever they are bound to come tumbling down on somebody someday. Don’t you think it’s about time you tidy them up? Come on, place your items in a few of these wooden baskets and pack those books neatly in a bookshelf!

You can browse through amazing bookshelves right here on dubizzle.

6) Le cozy fireplace!

Uniquely Minnesota

Whenever I think of fireplaces I automatically think of the crackling sound of the pine cones we just collected from the forests around Limoges, as well as that wonderful aromatic scent that fills the house…Or you could use it for your S’mores and marshmallows. Did you know fireplaces are great for decorative touch and complement any living or family room in a typical French styled house? Add a nice small black-brown firewood rack with a few logs on it to complete the look. Even if they are just sitting there they give off a sense of warmth and coziness to your living space…definitely on the top of our shopping list!

7) Grandma’s picture frames!


It’s time to take out all those dusty hand me downs from your grandmother because the truth is they work best for this décor. These elegant brass coloured frames would go well into any house’s entrance hall or family room. A must have for all of your family’s old black and white photos.

8) Wooden wine rack!

8-wine rack

You can’t have a French Country Style home without a rustic looking wine rack holder. You simply can’t! If you need a place to store all your wine, sparkling grape juice, or any other 75cl bottles, then you have to get one. A few other modern options are also available on dubizzle. Don’t forget to maintain the room temperature at 20 to 22 celsius, and away from direct sunlight.

Browse through some more rustic pieces for your home on dubizzle!

9) Classic armchair!


I know your probably thinking this armchair might be a little too classic for your taste, but remember dear reader that the French Style décor is all about mixing and matching and that is what makes this décor so fun to style up. Also you’ll need a place to relax and catch up on some french history, while sitting on this French baroque style Sofa. Henceforth bring out your French Bernardau or Raynaud Chopard designed porcelain tea cups and be a bit more sophisticated.

Great Fabrics to use: Toile is a fabric most connected with French country style decor. It is a material with a white or off-white background embellished with a repeating pastoral print. Printed patterns are vital for this look.

10) Rustic coffee table!


And this one is my personal favorite. Here’s a few more tables you can find on dubizzle!

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