How to take a good photo for your ad in 5 steps!

Picture this. You scan through pages and pages of ads for vintage cameras and almost all of them has a either a finger photobomb or an eye numbing flash glaring right back at you. You squint your eyes ever so hard trying to read out the make and model name of the camera, but then the the photo is so small, it’s probably from the internet explorer and web cam days = primitive.

This is not a guide to slyly make you buy a DSLR camera to shoot your item that you’re selling – but a walk through 5 steps to make turn your ad from forgetful to fascinating. No chemistry; no rocket science – the right photo can make a huge difference! Shall we get started?

1) Mind that light


It isn’t high-end photography, but natural light is always flattering for your items. Let that light shine in!

2) Angle is prime


Oddly composed photos are a pain. Don’t put your potential buyers through that. It takes nothing to just have a well-composed photo, even if taken in different angles.

3) To flash or not to flash?


Using the built-in flash of your camera and taking blinding photos of your items with reflections, shadows, glares, and whatnots – not cool.

4) What lurks in the background?


Clean up the background and remove any clutter. Potential buyers really don’t need to know your bad food choices you see.

5) Close and cozy!


There’s close enough, and then too close for comfort. Know how to balance it – people need to see the fine details of the item, not have it under a microscope.

Just because I love writing lists, here are a few bonus pointers to consider when you finally decide to give away that laptop that you haven’t used in a long while.

1. No one needs to look at stock photos when they are buying a used item.

2. No one needs to see your grimy fingerprints on the pair of sunglasses they want to buy.

3. No one wants to know about the little scratch on the toaster, after buying it.

4. No one wants to see a colour-enhanced, tilt-shift blurred photo.

There’s more to a well-shot photo when you want to sell your unwanted items on dubizzle, but if you look at these basic steps – you can have a beautiful ad that looks as good as it sounds.

So, what’s next?

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