How to make a change in your home in under 100 AED

A small change can often have a huge effect. Here are my top 6 tips for making an instant change under AED 100:

Switch your light bulbs
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Change your light bulbs to warm light and reduce the wattage to make your place cozier. Or even browse second hand lamps on dubizzle.

Hang your curtains wisely


If you hang your curtains higher, the ceiling will look higher and your apartment more spacious. Find curtains for sale on dubizzle or buy a drill here.

Hide all the clutter in neat boxes

Bookcases and organization ideas on dubizzle

Declutter and organize your space – boxes come in handy for that. Find bookcases and boxes on dubizzle!

Add an accent wall behind your bed

painter UAE

Why? The colored wall will create a focal point and frames the bed. You can find a painter in the UAE here!

Add bright colored cushions

colored cushions

Bright cushions are an  easy way to add contrast in your room and give it a quick facelift. Shop for home accessories on dubizzle.

Remove unused furniture to create space

move unused furniture

The oldest trick in the book: Less is more. Sell some of your old unused stuff on dubizzle and really celebrate the space it gives you.

So, what’s next?

And there you have it! Now the only thing left to debate is what you’re gonna have for dinner to celebrate your new awesome space… You’re welcome!

And here’s how you get started:

Browse interiors on dubizzle


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