4 tips to declutter your home

There is a reason why there is a famous saying, ‘Clean home, clean mind’. Messes take up mental space and cause subconscious burden. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then just clean up because it looks bad. Keep it simple, and reduce the amount of stuff you have.

1. Don’t overwhelm yourself


Pick a room, and concentrate on that until it is done!

2. Bid farewell to your unused furniture

move unused furniture_900x600

Do you really need every item of furniture you have? How often have you touched or used all the items in the room? If it doesn’t get any attention from you at least once every two weeks, think about finding it a new home… try dubizzle.

3. Hide the dust magnets


If you still insist on keep all the bulky items in the room, cheat a little and make sure that their surfaces are at least kept relatively clear by hiding all those magazines and dust-collecting objects inside drawers and in the lower shelves.

 4. Bunch similar items together

neat pile

You still got clutter everywhere? Try to bunch similar items together. Grab all those half-burnt candles and turn them into an impromptu fireplace by putting them together, or at the very least stack all reading material into the same pile.

So… what’s next?

Inspired to make changes to your home?

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