How the right lighting can change your home

Regardless of whether you live in a cave or a palace, the lighting of your space determines the entire feel and effect at any given moment. Sure, we get more sun here than most of the planet, but there is always a corner or room that still needs brightening, and as soon as the sun starts to set we are all reaching for a light switch or two. Our illumination generally takes place in 3 basic forms.

Ambient lighting


Ambient lighting, the most common, provides a general wash and uniform illumination of the entire space, and is most often seen by the use of ceiling or recessed lights that project straight down.


It is recommended to start with this form of lighting in a room before moving onto the more specific forms below. So you should really start by finding ceiling lights on dubizzle 😉

Task lighting


Task lighting does exactly what it says on the tin, it lights a task, or rather an area of the room that illuminates a specific function.


This is most often found in places like the kitchen where the work surface is highlighted to allow better visibility when preparing food. Find task lighting on dubizzle!

Accent Lighting


Accent lighting is likely the style used to most creative effect, highlighting particular objects in order to draw attention to it and is often used outside as much as in, showing off trees, plants or water features, or alternatively artwork or bookcases indoors.

So there you have it, light. What’s next?

Inspired to make changes to your home?

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