A budget for your makeover!

Are you excited to redecorate your home? Then welcome to the perfect place to start. You will be surprised to learn that you have items in your house you don’t use at all – and a quick bulk sale over a weekend or two can give you nice extra spending money.

Here are a few items you might have lying around in your house, and they do add up! We used rough prices; they might vary according to age and usage.

1) Old electronics

1-electronics-r_900x518This is a dubizzle favorite, cause selling old electronics really makes a difference in someone else’s life. Just keep in mind that something slightly outdated and maybe even nostalgic might be shiny and new to someone else. Get yourself some cool electronics from dubizzle!

  • Old radio / CD player / boom box: AED 50
  • Computer mouse: AED 20
  • Keyboard: AED 50
  • Old printer: AED 100
  • Speakers / surround system: AED 200
  • Old playstation / Xbox: AED 500
  • Blackberry Bold: AED 200
  • Charger cable: AED 80
  • Computer headset: AED 80
  • Mobile phone headset: AED 50
  • Simple laptop bag: AED 35

2) Home appliances

2-homeappliances_900x600You know you have those old electronics for your kitchen or bathroom in your storage space, you’d be surprised how easy it is to sell them. Browse similar home appliances on dubizzle!

  • Hairdryer: AED 50
  • Shaver: AED 200
  • Blender: AED 80
  • Toaster: AED 50
  • Coffeemaker: AED 100

3) Baby items

3-babyBabies grow quickly and toys become unused. But there’s always young parents bargain hunting on dubizzle. Here are some of the items and their prices:

  • Baby car: AED 100
  • Soft toys: AED 50
  • High chair: AED 100
  • Car seat: AED 80
  • Baby clothes: AED 20

4) Bookshelf finds

4-bookAnother great source of travel budget: old books, CD’s and DVD’s you’ve seen way too much of. There’s a huge books and DVDs and movies selection on dubizzle you can skim through!

  • Novels: AED 20
  • Text books: AED 80
  • DVD’s: AED 25
  • CD’s: AED 20

5) Furniture & accessories

5-accessoriesWhat happens when you love a new piece of furniture in a shop? Correct, it’s time to say farewell to the old one. With so many people relocating in the UAE, there’s a never ending market for furniture. Here’s a wide range of furniture and home accessories you can find on dubizzle.

  • Curtain set full length: AED 250
  • Standing lamp: AED 80
  • Bedside lamp: AED 50
  • Fan: AED 100
  • Picture frame: AED 50
  • Mirror full length: AED 200
  • Rugs, 150 x 200: AED 200
  • Coffee table: AED 100
  • Bedside table: AED 80

6) Clothes & accessories

Clothes On A RackClothes and accessories in good wearing condition are another excellent source of extra budget. And they leave you with more space for the one or other holiday find that you’ll surely love more than it’s predecessor. We’re all guilty of browsing for clothing and accessories on dubizzle once in a while.

  • Branded perfume: AED 200
  • Sneakers: AED 150
  • Dress, branded: AED 250
  • Simple top / t-shirt: AED 15
  • Handbag, branded: AED 500-1500

So, what’s next?

Inspired to make changes to your home?

Browse interiors on dubizzle

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  • fathima alreedy(jannet cordero pasanghilan

    hello dubizzleyourhouse.com i would like to know how they make over my house do i need to spend money or what.

  • ayesha

    I want to make my living room space comfortable,as I don’t feel it comfy for us specially for my two little toddlers.but I don’t know how much it require to do it n how can I arrange much money because selling takes too much time,feeling helpless.desperately want to make it comfortable.just saw ur ad n really liked and wish I could hv something like that. Thanks a lot. Ayesha

    • La Rebelde

      Nada, OK, email us on social@dubizzle.com photos of your space, and don’t forget to mention why you’d like us to #dubizzleYourHouse 🙂

  • nooh baber

    I wanted to change my hall’s look:)

    • La Rebelde

      Hi Sheeja 🙂 You can email us on social@dubizzle.com photos of your space, and don’t forget to mention why you’d like us to #dubizzleYourHouse 🙂

  • Rolla

    Hey. I need your help cause there is no inough space for my baby to play because she is full of energy. Im always scared to heart her self. Thanks alot

  • Leilah Cantemprate

    I got an interest to dubizzle your house makeover.
    I would like to ask how it will cost for a small room?
    We have so much stuff at home and no space at all.
    Could you please advise what is your requirement for me to makeover our small room?

    Await your response.


  • Christy Mathew

    I would like to join this makeover

  • samar

    I have used dubizzel numerous times for selling old stuff as well as stuff my family left behind on leaving Dubai no doubt a reliable yet easy to use site….but for me its not selling but buying is hard as I have all the components to put together a cozy yet stylish home it keep missing something 🙁

  • nada

    My kids bed room has a space for one bed while I need to put the second one for my 2nd kid but it’s very hard to do it

  • sheeja nair

    Want to do a makeover with a new look and make more spacious

  • Awais hanif

    I have a big hall and I really don’t know how to use the space kindly help me for the make over thanks

  • Elizabeth Mascarenhas

    Need my hall to be redecorate as not done for over 3 decades

  • wafa

    Hi,plzzzzz help me.I shifted to this flat 4 years ago and changed the furniture twice.Changed most of the stuff.I don’t know where I go wrong.Just get stuck with the colours and size of the furniture.I start off very well and dunno when I start getting confused.My house looks as if I am shifting or packing up.

  • Praveen Abraham

    Hi guys, Need your magical hands on my home. Badly in need for a complete makeover. Can you guys let me know if its possible any time soon. Waiting……………….