Season 2 Episode 3: A bedroom makeover

Lucie’s bedroom has mix-and-match furniture and she calls it “ugly”, and “a dumping ground for everybody’s stuff”. Ouch! OK, so she says she wants it to be romantic and warm, and no longer ugly (her words, not ours, we promise). Can Seb and Darrin complete this challenge with the little budget they have in hand? And can they actually make this space feel romantic, but not too feminine for Lucie’s husband? We think so.


Lucie sold these items for a total of AED 1,600:



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A bedside table

bedside table_800x600

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A picture

a picture_800x600

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A drum set

drum set_900x513

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So… what’s next?

Inspired to make changes to your home?

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  • jr

    A make over is totally something worth doing, but look at how messy her house is!
    Do you even think that after this make over, she would be able to maintain a clean, spic and span home? NO! Because the root of the problem is with the person itself.

    What a mess!

  • Sana Khan

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