How to use rugs in your home

Our designers Seb and Darrin headed to Office Inspirations to get us the 411 on how to pick the right rugs for your home, and what textiles work best.

First things, first: what’s the difference between a rug and a carpet?

Good question. The first step is knowing the difference between the two and making an informed decision on what works for your home and space.

Rugs are loose and have finished edges


Carpets are fixed and cover the floors wall-to-wall


What role does the textile play?

It’s all about the feel, Seb says. You can find rugs and carpets at bargain prices on dubizzle, by the way.

Hard textile

hard texture

Soft textile


Also, vintage will always be cool


So, what’s next?

By now you must be inspired to make changes to your home. Here’s how you can get started!

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