How to choose the right tiles for your home

Tiles come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right tiles for your home: start by considering the below factors.

1. Size


Smaller tiles give a more intricate feel and better flow; while larger tiles provide uniqueness. This boils down to personal preference… what look are you aiming for?

2. Color


Go for lighter colors if you want to make a space look bigger, and go for darker colors to add warmth. A shade variation will blend and mask nicely, while neutral colors will allow you to swap accessories. And of course, daring and vibrant colors add character.

3. Style

a. Stone look


This fits in with any decor and is quite popular.

b. Wood look


Wood look tile is designed to withstand high traffic spaces and wet areas unsuitable for traditional wood floors, while offering a natural appeal.

c. Tumbled marble


Tumbled marble is a timeless look that fits with many different styles. Marbleized tile lends a more formal look.

d. White tile


Believe it or not, white “subway” tile is still a hot trend!

So… what’s next?

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