How to choose the right type of paint

There are so many different colors of paint; but the variety of paint types is just as comprehensive. From flat, all the way to high gloss, and the big range in between… are you making the right choice for your home? Seb and Darrin share a few tips that can help you pick the perfect type of paint for your home.

Flat paint

paint 2

Though it looks the best, this one is the hardest to clean… and it soaks up most of the light.

High gloss

paint 4

High gloss is the easiest to clean. It reflects the most light, and is also the hardest and most durable type of paint.

First choose the type

paint 5

You must choose the type of paint first, then pick the colors that best suit your room or home.



Remember, your indoor lighting is going to be different from the exterior. There’s a difference between daylight and internal lighting.

Grab a sample

interior decorating 3

If you’re not sure what the color effect is going to be in your home, grab a color sample and apply it to the wall and see whether or not it works.

Stay VOC free

Ladder, Paint Can And Paint Roller

Organic compounds are always healthier.

So… what’s next?

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