Welcome note

Hello fellow Techie!
Welcome to our new dubizzle tech blog. The focus of this blog is purely on technology and aims to share our perspectives, decisions and challenges around the software we build at dubizzle.
With over 277 million page-views a month across all of our channels and an ever increasing user base, ensuring that we continue to scale to meet our markets’ needs is both an exciting and complex task.
Though we may not yet operate at the scale of the Googles and Facebooks of the world, we have gained a lot of practical insights when it comes to developing and maintaining our services.
Whether it is building service oriented architectures, automating infrastructure or taking our mobile experience to new heights, we intend to share our learnings in the hopes of creating a stronger MENA engineering community, attract like minded individuals and help others on their journey.
We encourage all engineers at dubizzle, from juniors to team-leads, front-ends to mobile-devs, to share their thoughts, victories and even failures; So whether you’re a PHP enthusiast, Pythonista, front-end ninja or mobile guru, we look forward to your comments and hope you’ll join us in shaping our local engineering community.
Sebastian Ritter, Director of Product Engineering