Good news for modified cars in UAE

The first inspection center dedicated for modified cars will open in Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi later this year.

This center was established by the Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management as a result of the UAE Cabinet’s decision No. 45 of 2016 on the safety requirements for modified vehicles that sets limits on how much car owners can tune their engine, modify their exhaust system for more “vroom vroom ” noise, and transmission.

Which parties are involved in the center?

The parties involved are:

What will the center provide?

Al Tarek Al Ameri, Chief Executive Officer, Yas Marina Circuit stated that “Based on the inspections, the vehicles will be provided with a certificate [stating] that the modification that was done was up to the standards of the UAE’s regulations, The centre will inspect the vehicle and issue the paperwork to certify or decline the changes [that have been done to the vehicle]. The inspection results will then go to ESMA and they will issue the certificate. The physical [inspection] process itself will be done at the center”.

How much will the inspection cost?

A license will cost from AED 400 for minor modifications.

Which modified car parts require approval?

The list includes: Engine, exhaust system, suspension system, change of the order of the vehicle’s seats, high-performance brake systems, gearbox, vehicle chassis, vehicle searchlights, fuel additives, internal entertainment system, air filters, engine radiator, engine ignition system, vehicle wheel rims, tyres (excluding racing tyres and sand tyres).

What type of vehicles are excluded from the code?

Motorcycles, trailers, caravans, and tractors are not required to get approval for modifications.

What are the violation fines?

AED 30,000 and/or jail for anyone who violates the mandatory approved standards or The same penalty applies to anyone “who has introduced, offered or sold a material or a product as bearing the mark of the approved standards in contrast to the truth. In this case, all the materials subject to the violation shall be confiscated”.

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