It’s time to declutter your wardrobe

People in UAE have a tendency to gather things. While acquiring possessions, the same collection of stuff can slowly take over your space if you do not actively take the steps to declutter your mess. It makes sense to know just how to organize your closet better.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes can make a big difference when it comes to dividing your clothes, shoes, accessories, and so forth. They can also come in handy when you want to put away clothes until the relevant season. Transparent storage boxes are a great option and make things even more convenient at a glance. If your boxes are solid, be sure to label them well by content, season, accessories etc. Cut costs by getting second-hand storage boxes as opposed to new ones.

Color coordination

Color coordination is the way to go to easily navigate through your wardrobe and storage compartments. This can also make your garments last longer (if you wash them separately and according to colors) and help you to locate them better. Color coordination is a simple way to bring back order and helps you with wardrobe organization.

Get rid of things you don’t wear

You could be sitting with unused money in your wardrobe. The things that you don’t wear can be given away and/or donated to others. One way of doing this is by placing an ad on dubizzle to easily sell your items. This can help you to actually buy the things that you really want. It also allows you to work on decluttering your wardrobe while still making a profit out of it!

Best spatial utilization

All things said and done, you need to be able to pack. To maximize the spaces in your wardrobe pay attention to the texture and size of your items inside. See your closet as a giant jigsaw puzzle. You need to master the art of fitting it all in, in a way that enables it to be user-friendly and efficient. There’s nothing nicer than change, it is after all said to be as good as a holiday. 

Speaking of which, how about a new second-hand luggage set to pack your newly organized clothing into when you take that well earned holiday – after the exhaustion of decluttering!

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