Experiencing a ‘taste’ of Ramadan fasting

I moved to Dubai 2 months ago now; naively stepping off the plane into the start of the UAE summertime. Don’t get me wrong, I knew things wouldn’t be a breeze over here in the summer season (Ha, breeze? What even is that?!) but I definitely wasn’t prepared for a combination of the beginning of a Dubai summer plus Ramadan.

As a non-Muslim, British girl, Ramadan wasn’t exactly high on my radar. But here at dubizzle, working with a complete cultural mix of diverse people, I soon learned. Ramadan and all it entails was a foreign concept to both me and my friends back at home. I remember staring in disbelief the first time I was told I couldn’t drink water in public when we’re living in 40 degrees heat, and I’m still amazed at the dedication, discipline, and willpower of everyone who fasts for every day of Ramadan, every year.

Regardless, let’s cut to the chase. I work in dubizzle’s *amazing* Marketing team and some bright spark, (Cheers, Shoaib!) came up with the brilliant idea that I try fasting for a day and vlog about my experience of this. Why not? I thought. I was ready to immerse myself into a new cultural experience, take on the challenge and see how it was for my many Muslim colleagues that fast.

Note: Can I suggest that someone considers renaming the concept of fasting; considering how slowly time goes during it?! Ironic…

I explained the concept to my friends and family back home and told them that I was fasting for a day…


What was I getting myself in for? Would I even survive the day? In search of help and support, I asked my fasting colleagues for their top tips to get me through.

Watch the video above to find out how it went. A brief emotional and physical roller coaster including my first summer in Dubai, my first Ramadan, my first day of fasting and most importantly, my first Iftar!

(SPOILER: I did survive and no expats were harmed in the making of this vlog.)