So you want to sell your car? Seven Golden Tips for Sellers

So you want to sell your car? Seven Golden Tips for Sellers

Selling your car doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Here we’ve generated Seven Golden Tips to help sell your motor. It has stand out against all others, battling for the limelight against both private and professional sellers. Of course, it’s not as hard as you might think; there are a number of rules to remember that will maximize your advert’s impact and ensure you sell your car quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

  1. The price right


The first thing you’ll need to do is price it correctly. A quick check on the motors section on dubizzle to see what similar examples are selling is the place to get what the market rate is for your car. It pays to know the market and remember, although haggling is part of the process, don’t set your advertised price too far above your minimum as you’ll get less calls.

  1. Be concise


Make it clear from the off the exact make and model you are offering, as well as any special trim or specification designation. Modern cars are better equipped than ever before, so prioritize any listed extras – leave out power steering, but mention GCC specs, satnav and climate control if fitted. It’s also important to mention any remaining insurance as well as any recent expenditure, like a cam belt change or new tyres, as buyers will see this as one less future expense. If the car has main dealer service history make to mention that too.

  1. Take plenty of clear photos


A picture can tell a thousand words, so make sure your images count. Take photos with a clear background (think sky and grass, not housing estate) and in good weather with plenty of light. Try and keep the sun behind the camera, and include a shot of every angle – front, back and both sides – as well as the engine bay, interior and any special features. Ensure your shots are in focus and if there is any damage mentioned in the advert consider showing this as well.

  1. Prepare the car for sale


There’s a reason that the cars in professional adverts look immaculate – they’ve been valeted inside and out. You don’t have to go to the expense of having it cleaned by a professional, but you should give it a basic wash before you take any pictures and before a buyer views the car if it has got dirty again. It’s important to pay particular attention to the interior, especially if it’s a family car subjected to sticky-fingered children or pets.

  1. Fix it first (as in fix the small issues)



Things like stone chips or kerbed alloy wheels can really let down a car’s appearance, but are usually cheap and easy to sort. If the tyre tread is running low consider replacing them, and make sure all of the fluids (oil, water, screen wash) are topped up as necessary. It’s also worth gathering all of the car’s paperwork together and singling out any larger bills to show that the car has been maintained properly – a large history folder points to a well-looked after car.


  1. Be Professional


Expect lots of questions, either over the phone, email or in person. Make sure you have the facts correct – when does the insurance run out, how many owners has it had, is it a GCC car? Most buyers will likely want to test drive the vehicle so make sure that either your or their insurance covers them for this – otherwise offer them passenger rides only. Never leave the buyer alone with the car and its keys either, and turn the engine off if swapping drivers on a test drive.

  1. The final deal


Expect a bit of haggling, but be clear to yourself what is an acceptable amount to receive for the car. Other buyers will come along if this one doesn’t want to pay your minimum. Make sure you are happy with the method of payment as well, be it cash on collection, cheque or bank transfer. Ensure all funds have cleared before you release the car. It’s wise to write a receipt for both the buyer and seller, signed by both, and fill in all the official paperwork, sending off the relevant parts and informing your insurance company that you have sold the car to another party.

Beware of scams too – if an offer seems too good to be true don’t hand over any documents on the car before checking absolutely everything in regards to how the buyer is going to pay for the car.

Now that you have it – download dubizzle mobile app and sell your car faster:




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