Do good in 5 easy steps!

So you’ve been reading a lot on the blog about “It’s Worth More” and the value of your unused items.

What if we tell you that there’s a way for you to donate these items to other people who really need them, right here on

If it’s in your to-do list to give back to the community this year, we might be able to help. And since it’s Ramadan, it’s a perfect time to start. So let’s give this a shot, shall we? It’s time for you to give away some of the items that have been gathering dust in your house for years.

Brace yourselves for this piece of news… okay, ready? You can actually list and find free stuff on dubizzle!

The same way you have been using to sell your unwanted things, there is an option for you to donate them. All you have to do is select “Free Stuff” as a category.

Here’s how:

Step 1:

Open your browser. You will find on your Favorites tab. If it’s not there yet then there’s probably been a mistake. No worries, just type it in the address bar and make sure you favorite it!


Step 2:

Click on “Place An Ad”, as you normally would when you’re using the site to sell something.


Step 3:

Select “Classifieds” when prompted to select a category for your ad.


Step 4:

Select “Free Stuff” as another category.



Step 5:

This is the most important step. Share this post and spread the dubizzle love :)

And voila, just like that you have done your good deed for the day! Come back again tomorrow and bring your friends!

Increase your Eid travel budget with these tips!

Blog post Eid

Have you planned a trip and could do with a little extra spending money? No worries, this could just be the guide to it. You don’t have to leave your house, you barely even have to get off the couch.

Now you might think this all sounds like a nice Nigerian scam email of sorts, but you’d be surprised to learn that you have items in your house you don’t use and that a quick bulk sale over a weekend or two can give you nice extra spending money. Continue reading

Breaking up is easy!

If you’re like me, then you love your stuff. But what if it’s so much that is clogging up your space? Take a minute to think: when was the last time you’ve used this item? and if you get rid of it, will you even miss it? If you know that someone else in your community can make use of it, will it be easier for you to let go of it? Perhaps the answer is: yes.

Breakups are overrated, really.

Let’s MINI

So dubizzle got MINI.

As blogged about previously we bagged a gorgeous new dubizzle branded Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 (similar to Mini’s on sale here)  as part of challenge called Brandmasters by MINI Middle East. The combination of the MINI’s super kawii” looks combined with the our stunning dubizzle logo and brand on the rear three quarters had us all head over heels for the car in the office and many an email punch up over who got the keys at the end of the day to take it home ensued.

dubizzle MINI
Check me out! dubizzle got MINI

So how was it? I’ll confess. I’ve never driven a new MINI before as being a loyal fan of the original concept) and fondly remembering my first car being one of the last ever of the original Rover MINI’s ever produced I had baited breath when handed the keys. Apart from name sake there is no way you compare the two, the original classic being a 40 year plus design now and I giggled out loud when I saw one ducking and weaving through rush hour traffic on the Sheikh Zayed Road one morning like a belligerent toddler jumping between the lanes. For the Mini Cooper S Countryman I’d say MINI believe that this is the car that will attract people whose lifestyles just didn’t allow the compromise of the style/packaging trade off of the 3 door MINI hatch or it’s more eccentric Clubman brother. Just sitting in the car you can visually see it’s a class act squarely aimed at affluent brand conscientiousness people and even families that will love this car. Yup I said it.  A MINI as a proper family car. That’s hard to swallow. But then again so is the size and the apparently this is the biggest the brand will ever get at a substantial 4.11m. Proper fiver-door too, no “Clubdoors” here.

dubizzle MINI
dubizzle MINI at the beach

Things I loved about it were the polyphonic warning sounds for the speed limiter, seat belt and reverse sensor – if there ever was a car to produce a more audibly pleasing selection of warning sounds I’ve yet to hear it. Anyone graduating up from Yaris or Focus  getting into a MINI for the first time will be bemused by the dashboard but impressed by the quality of materials, as it has more trinket appeal than ever  with the central speedo dinner plate sized smack bang in the middle of the dash. Personally I loved it as very few other modern mass produced cars can match it for pure theater. I loved the row of rocker switches right at the bottom of the center console for selecting Sport mode and traction control. The handbrake, styled like an aircraft throttle, wasn’t exactly the easiest to use, but forgivable on aesthetics alone.  I adored the utterly pointless but strangely addictive switch to change the ambient lighting in the car and found myself trying to press it as quickly as possible to give it a disco affect.

dubizzle MINI
dubizzle MINI winning at the car wash

Primary touch points are tasty too with high quality leather on the gear selector and solid feeling joystick controlling the central VDA unit smack bang dinner plate sized in the middle of the dash.

 What’s it like to drive?

It’s definitely not sure what it wants to be – a hot hatch or a slick small SUV.  The engine, whilst putting out a healthy turbo charged 181 bhp, is more luke warm than hot at it struggles against the 1,380kg of the car offering no aural reason to rev it past 4,750 rpm. As the Countryman it sits on slightly taller tires and ride height than a Mini Cooper S, it’s way more compliant especially when tackling Media Cities infinite speed humps and sandy parking lots. Steering feel around the straighahead is little pointy and I can’t help feel that Mini brand ensured this has programmed it in to give the car a more of hyperactive feel. Disappointingly the steering wheel wasn’t covered in the same salubrious leather on the seats and having a proper leather wrapped one would have really made the MINI feel every dirham worth of it’s purchase price. Gear change speed is pretty much class average for a family hatch and to be expected as the drivetrain in this MINI supplying all four wheels permanently so easy it does. Is it more practical than a MINI Clubman? Absolutely. We even put that to the test with our crack team of dubizzler’s to prove it. 

dubizzle MINI
Uber-lightening on the dubizzle MINI

Ok it’s not a perfect family car but one that you’ll be in love with for its personality and character more than anything else – like the automotive equivalent of a golden retriever – always energetic, fun and loveable. Be happy. Drive MINI.

9 wicked ways to bring yourself to let go!


No really, I need you to take me seriously, okay people?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a serious hoarder, a die hard collector, or just someone who randomly forgets a clothes iron in good working condition in the closet just because you have a new one. If you remember that emotional (read soupy) post of letting go, you’ve heard all those reasons on why you need to move on; to give away those items that may have been hanging out in your closet for a long time. You’ve seen all the testimonials. You know that it’s actually worth more than you think. Alas you are still stuck at step zero. You’re still finding excuses. But don’t fret – apparently, Batman’s had some issues himself. enhanced-buzz-10854-1373905918-17

Continue reading

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