10 gorgeous furniture you can covet & own from dubizzle!

Do you get excited by furniture? What is your interior design style? Do you have one? Maybe you are a minimalist with a bizarre love for glossy white surfaces. Maybe you get tickled by all things vintage and shabby chic (Or wait, maybe shabby chic should be your name). Or maybe you don’t know yet. Where ever you stand in the pie chart, check out this curated list of 10 of the most gorgeous pieces of furniture you can find, and buy on dubizzle!



Everyone loves chalkboards. If you’re the one to follow trends, chances are you might even have one in your bathroom. (Ah, the magic of wet chalks!) Be a chalkboard rock-star by getting this one with an intricate pattern bordering on… Victorian, me thinketh? 

HOW MUCH? Less than 600 AED is all you need for a pimped up chalkboard.

I CAN HAZ IT? Go get it HERE!




Chunky desks and tables are old news; and bad news if you want to move it around. This modern-minimalist desk is just perfect for any nook of your home.  

HOW MUCH? This study table is up for grabs for less than 200 AED.

I CAN HAZ IT? Catch it HERE before it goes!




Picture a day shopping around in the Dubai Mall in your 7-inch Louboutins, and coming home to a fancy sofa you can lounge on while taking off those babies. Yup. This is the real deal. All you need now is a foot massager.

HOW MUCH? This multitasking sofa is around for 300 AED.

I CAN HAZ IT? Yes, over HERE!




This totally badass coffee table that can now store your tray is straight from the heavens if you ask me. Yes, I keep losing my trays.

HOW MUCH? 600 AED, and it’s all yours.

I CAN HAZ IT? This will be one pretty catch; get it HERE!




Cannot go wrong with Rattan furniture, can you? You don’t really need a breathtaking view of the Palm, to own this beautiful set. (I would probably need to get more friends before I can grab that.)

HOW MUCH? This bar table set is for under AED 1200 (minus the view)

I CAN HAZ IT? Update: This one is SOLD, but you can find a similar one HERE




Low back. Eggplant color that screams out royalty. 60’s style. Lumbar cushion. If that checked off most part of your perfect couch list, please have a seat.

HOW MUCH? 4000 AED, and you have your perfect living lounge!

I CAN HAZ IT? UpdateThis is SOLD, but you can check out another couch in a lovely aqua blue color HERE




Everything about this looks like falling on this couch would be comfier than cuddling up with Boo the Dog. Mean, but true.

HOW MUCH? In under 1000 AED, you can have the best sofa hug ever!

I CAN HAZ IT? This fluffy piece is over HERE to grab!




Show your friends the luxury of having a wine chiller right next to your bed. This could also mean oodles of water-cooler talks about the most wicked thing in your den! 

HOW MUCH? Indulgence at just AED 1,111, found on dubizzle! 

I CAN HAZ IT? Head right HERE!




This TV stand can rock your living room like no other. All of the webernet says you can never go wrong with a rustic look, so why not! 

HOW MUCH? AED 1200 will make sure you are rocking it like you mean it.  

I CAN HAZ IT? Keep calm and get over HERE


And the best one…



This is one for the selfies! If you are someone who wants a constant reminder of the stud muffin that you are, you probably need one of these installed. If not, then you are way too cool for school, bud.

HOW MUCH? In under AED 300, you can have the best selfies on the planet! 

I CAN HAZ IT? Selfie addicts, please meet up HERE!


So that’s it, peeps. Keep your eyes on the page for more of these! If you fancy any of these items, remember: you snooze, you lose. So better hurry up!

Hurry Up!


Resale prices for the Top 10 most popular used cars

Want to sell your car? Looking for a second hand set of wheels? or just curious to know the resale value for your vehicle? Look through our many used car ads to find something that fits your needs! Find a sweet deal, meet your ride in person and give it a test-drive..all that necessary stuff before agreeing to buy it.

The infographic below offers you a closer look at the top 10 most popular used car brands on dubizzle, their resale values and average milage.

Top 10 used cars and their resale prices on dubizzle!

Top 10 used cars and their resale prices on dubizzle!

UAE Real Estate Price Trends 2013

Thinking of renting or buying property in the UAE? Or maybe you just want to observe price trends? Find your home, office, plot or any other piece of real estate you may be looking for on dubizzle. You can browse through our +200,000 properties available on our property for rent or property for sale sections and keep an eye on price changes in the UAE market.

Look through the price plots for popular communities in Abu Dhabi & Dubai for Rent & Sale from January through to December 2013, or compare the price per sqft of homes in your city. Click on the UAE Real Estate Price Trends infographic to open it on a new page and then zoom into it for a closer look!

UAE Property Trends 2013 AbuDhabi

Dubai Real Estate Price Trends 2013

An Open Letter from JC Butler – Co-founder of dubizzle:

Parting advice for regional entrepreneurs:


As Sim and I wrap up our eight and a half year journey of running dubizzle’s operations; from sleeping in bunk-beds and working out of our living room, to leading a team of nearly 200 brilliant people across the region, I wanted to leave some parting words for entrepreneurs just starting their journey.  Some of you reading these words are in the same position as we were so many years ago – chasing an idea on no budget with nothing but the stubborn determination that some how you will find success.  Undoubtedly, years from now, many of you will have created massive value and your adventure will have led you to where dubizzle is today.  Hopefully, these words can lend a bit of guidance and inspiration along your path.


Over the years, dubizzle has faced a lot of challenges.  We’ve made some mistakes, and had even more wins.  Along the way, we’ve learned a few things that we didn’t know when we started.  Because of this, I’m often asked to give my advice to budding entrepreneurs in the region.  There are, of course, too many lessons to count, and the challenges one faces vary drastically at different stages of the business.  However, there are a few lessons I’ve learned that have remained constant throughout.  In my experience, when we were able to get these things right, the rest fell into place.

JC Butler_Co-founder dubizzle

Always be solving a problem.


As an entrepreneur your job is to pick a problem and solve it in a better and more efficient way than before.  The bigger and more widespread the problem, and the better you are at solving it, the more success you will have.  Ideas come second.  They are the solutions you come up with to solve the problem.  If you start with an idea, and then go looking for a problem, you’re in trouble.


A lot of people assume that when we started dubizzle, we had moved here with the intention to start a “Craigslist” in the Middle East.  That would have been a bad idea, and had we done that, we probably would have failed.  Instead, we came here looking for jobs, setting up our lives, and along the way discovered how inefficient the marketplace was.  Everyone seemed to have this problem, and everyone was aware of it, we were just the first ones to decide we should solve it.


Start with the “why.”  Not the “what.”


If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s TED talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action, please Google it now.  The message is simple: People don’t buy whatyou do, they buy why you do it.  The answer to “why?” is your vision.  It’s what you as an organization stand for.  It’s the impact you intend to have on the world and your reason for existence.  Why, beyond the sales pitch, should customers connect with you emotionally and brilliant people pick up your flag and join your cause?


At dubizzle, our vision has always been about making the world fairer, disrupting exploitation, and having some fun.  When we started in the UAE (and still in many of our newer markets), exploitation of consumers was everywhere.  Trade only happened through middlemen.  Buyers were getting ripped off, people had no place to sell their things, job seekers were forced to go through recruiters, etc… The marketplace was opaque and unfair for the everyday consumer, and it made us angry.  dubizzle started, and exists today, for one reason: to disrupt consumer exploitation and have some fun doing it.


Every viable business needs revenues and profits, but those come as a byproduct to creating immense value in pursuit of your vision.  To attract great people, achieve great things, and be loved by your customers, you must have a strong and emotional understanding of the answer to the question “why?”


Define your values and live by them.


I’ll let you in on a little secret it took me a long time to figure out: your values are your culture, and your culture is your brand.  It’s really that simple.  If you were to think of a company like a person, that person’s “brand” is the set of values others perceive them to have.  Not what they say their values are, but by what they exhibit through their actions.  For a company, it’s no different.  The decisions and actions you take as a company will define the values you are perceived to have.  To have the culture and brand you want, you must define the values you believe in, and live by them.


When dubizzle first started, there were only two of us.  The company’s values were simply our values, so we didn’t feel the need to define them.  As our team grew, however, not having defined values made it hard for others to hire well and make good decisions.  Furthermore, if we didn’t know our values, we could easily contradict them without even realizing it.  This was a threat to our culture and our brand.  So as a company, we all worked together over many months, discussing, voting and debating, until we had refined a list of core values we would all be proud to live by.


This exercise may be the most important thing we ever did at dubizzle.  It allowed us to have a culture of freedom and autonomy, knowing we all shared the same values.  It enabled us to make better HR decisions.  And last but not least, it created a bond of deep respect and admiration between all of us on the team that has made the office one of my favorite places on Earth.


By simply defining your values and creating a culture that you really love, you’ll create a brand that others will love too.


Only hire great people.


In the long run, the best team always wins.  If you want to win, you simply can’t compromise on people.  Hiring great people, however, can be extremely difficult, especially when you have no money and you’re pressed for time.  But even if it costs twice as much and takes twice as long, the difference between the great person vs. the good one is immeasurable.


From day one, Sim and I have always endeavored to hire people smarter than us.  When you’re broke, you can’t pay a great person what they could get elsewhere.  You have to give them something more: a vision they can believe in, an environment in which they can learn, a role in which they can have an impact, and an opportunity for future upside.  As you grow, you can start to pay market rate.  But as it turns out, great people can get high wages anywhere, what they really want is stunning colleagues, freedom and responsibility, and to leave a legacy of positive impact on their world.


At dubizzle, we have an intense focus on creating an environment that attracts great people.  This has been the key to our success.  If you do this well and disregard everything else, you will still be successful because great people who are highly motivated will figure the rest out for you.


Don’t try.  Decide.


No one ever summited the highest peak, changed the world, or did anything truly exceptional because they tried.  They did so because they decided.  Trying allows for the possibility of failure whereas deciding does not.  Achieving your ambitious vision is next to impossible – and impossible is only achieved by deciding.


If you’re like us, then you believe your vision is of great importance to the world.  dubizzle achieving its vision doesn’t just impact economies; it impacts real lives, millions of them, by making the world a bit more transparent, efficient, and fair.  We’ve always been brutally honest with ourselves about where we’re failing and the odds against us, while still maintaining an unfettered faith that one way or another, we will achieve our vision.  Trying wouldn’t have gotten us here, and an “A” for effort would not have made up for the millions we failed to serve.


If you believe deeply in your vision, then you know failure is not an option.  Rid your heart of “I’ll try my best” until all that’s left is “I have decided.”  Your vision, and the positive impact you will eventually have on the world, deserves no less.


The past eight and a half years have been the adventure of a lifetime.  I’ve met amazing people, learned an incredible amount, and had the opportunity to work with a team that is changing trade in the region for the better.  In the next eight years, there will be many more stories like dubizzle from all over the region.  I wish all of you the best of luck in your adventures, the future of the world depends on it;)


-J.C. ButlerJC Butler_Co-founder dubizzle 2

How to buy a used Lamborghini Gallardo 2003

Lamborghini Gallardo is the Italian maker’s most successful car ever and for good reason. Check out our guide to know everything about getting this amazing super sports car.

Lamborghini Gallardo


Why Buy It?
Why not buy it?
Model details
Which one to buy?
What to look out for?
What to pay?
Picture gallery


The Lamborghini Gallardo is 10 years old believe it or not. But its extreme, wedge-shaped, sharped-edged styling, dramatic lines, low stance and menacing disposition ensure that it’s as striking to behold today as it was early last decade, when it first broke cover.

And it’s no less of a sensation to drive either. Launched with a screaming 5.0-litre 500bhp V10 based on an Audi V8 engine developed by Cosworth, performance was a given. But it also came with permanent all-wheel drive, sending 70 per cent of the available maximum torque to the rear wheels. The viscous-coupling limited slip centre differential can automatically alter that, should there be wheelspin at the back.

Grip and handling is astounding. Drive this car on the road and you rarely if ever exceed its phenomenal limits. Yet drive it on a track – and if you do buy one, you must at least once take it on a circuit – and you’ll find that it is remarkably intuitive to drive hard and amazingly forgiving. So much for the nasty, mean persona of the so-called raging bull emblem on the nose. Just don’t tell anyone it’s a softie underneath those hard-as-nails looks!

Lamborghini Gallardo - Rear

It is also, by far, the most successful Lambo ever, with well over 13,000 sold up to last year. The fact that it’s a car from the legendary Italian marque, that you could conceivably actually live with and drive every day, helps. As does its compact dimensions and reasonable creature comforts – for a Lamborghini, that is.

However the main reason the Gallardo became a mass-market edition from the exclusive stables of the Raging Bull, is because of reliability and durability. Now that statement comes with a proviso – it’s purely relatively speaking: reliability in the world of Lamborghini is a considerably different concept to reliability in the world of Toyota.

Going on previous history, a blind body guard with a dodgy ticker and a wooden leg, would have been more dependable than any Lamborghini. However, things changed when a new owner took over in 1998 – Audi. Vorsprung durch technik, meet Sexy!

Lamborghini Gallardo - Engine

Why buy it?

Looking for a mid-engine exotic with supercar credentials? Well it’s either this or a Ferrari 458 and the McLaren MP4-12C, or perhaps the Gallardo’s distant cousin, the Audi R8. The Fezza and Macca are both newer cars, so you’d have to go for the Ferrari F430 or the, oh wait, there isn’t a previous McLaren. The Audi R8 is technically brilliant, and it’s cheaper and has been around since 2006.

But arriving in a Lambo will trump arriving in an Audi any day, and you can have a used Gallardo for the price of a new R8. Measured on the coolemeter, there is no contest. And with very subtle changes throughout the Gallardo’s decade-long run, who’s to know how new or old your Lamborghini is? Just make sure you get it in a bright, flashy colour – no point trying to be subtle in one of these!

Lamborghini Gallardo

Why not buy it?

Well, see the last point above. If your temperament ranges from mild-mannered to shrinking violet, then you’d better look elsewhere for your performance kicks, perhaps the Audi R8. The Gallardo is for bold, confident, extroverted people who like to make a statement and arrive with a flourish – you don’t just sneak in with a Gallardo.

Plus, despite the suggestion above that it’s surprisingly easy to drive on the limit, don’t mistake that for meekness, this is a brutal and dynamite road-rocket which, in some guises, like the Superleggera or Performante, will take no prisoners and leave its occupants elated, exhilarated, but in need of physiotherapy after a fast run.

For softer, more comfortable and easier cars to drive hard, you’d better look elsewhere, such as that aforementioned R8 again.

Also shed the Gallardo from your list if you’re a no-compromise sort of person. Despite Audi patronage, there is a lot about this Gallardo that is old-skool Lamborghini and will require you to work with it and, not quite lower, but perhaps alter your expectations.

And that includes any naivety when it comes to running costs. This beauty is high-maintenance and any attempt to cut-corners and skimp out on servicing or repairs is likely to leave you with an even bigger bill awaiting in the not too far future.

Be in no doubt you’re going to have to put a lot into Lamborghini ownership, even for a modern version like this, but then if you like your cars raw, spectacular and thrilling, you’ll get a lot out of it too.

Lamborghini Gallardo - Cockpit

Model details

  • Introduced in 2004 with a 5.0-litre V10 producing 493bhp (500PS) at 7800rpm and 376lb ft of torque at 4500rpm, with 0-100kph acceleration 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 311kph.

  • Gallardo comes with six-speed manual transmission and six-speed electro-hydraulically controlled semi-automatic robotized manual – dubbed ‘E-gear’by Lamborghini – operated via paddleshifts. Nearly all of the Gallardos in the Middle East are ordered with E-gear.

  • Active aero, such as pop-up rear spoiler, front and side airbags, 19-inch alloy wheels and Brembo brakes are standard.

  • The convertible Spyder arrived in 2006 with a fully retractable soft-top.

  • Changes introduced for 2006 Model Year Gallardos, and introduced on the new Spyder, included an uprated engine, now producing an extra 20bhp and rated at 513bhp (520PS) at 8000rpm and 376lb ft of torque at 4250rpm; 0-100kph dropped to 3.9 seconds and top speed rose to 313kph.

  • Revisions to the gearing, steering and suspension improved the overall driving experience for 2006.

  • In 2008 there were even more extensive revisions for model year 2009 and the Gallardo was given an LP codename. LP560-4 (LP stands for Longitudinal Posteriori meaning the mid-engine is mounted longitudinally in the front of the rear axle, 560 denotes the power output and 4 indicates four-wheel drive).

  • A new 5.2-litre V10 produced 552bhp (560PS) at 8000rpm and 398lb ft at 6500rpm, 0-100kph dropped to 3.7 and top speed rose to 325kph thanks also to a 20kg reduction in weight.

  • ‘Thrust Mode’ launch control and a Corsa mode for the E-gear with 40 per cent quicker shifts help improve the performance.

  • The Spyder version was also similarly uprated although performance figures were fractionally slower due to the extra weight.

  • LP550-2 Coupe and Spyder models in 2010 saw detuned engines but with the first introduction of rear-wheel drive models only. These were originally available as the Valentino Balboni Edition (named after Lamborghini’s legendary test driver) and then Bicolore.

  • The LP550-2 also came with a manual transmission as standard. Power was down to 542bhp with 0-100 was still 3.9seconds and top speed was 320kph. Only 250 of the Balboni editions were built, although the same spec was offered on the Bicolore edition (also offered as AWD), Super Trofeo for the Hong Kong market, and a Tricolore edition to mark the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification.

  • From 2012 The LP550-2 became available as part of the regular model range in coupe and Spider guise. About AED100,000 cheaper than the LP560-4 they quickly became the best selling versions, particularly popular with exotic rent-a-car companies.

  • 2013 Model Year LP560-4 received extensive styling revisions to mark its final iteration as it’s expected to be replaced in 2015. It gets new front and rear styling, arguably not as handsome as earlier cars, and new 19-inch Apollo polished alloy wheels.

  • Superleggera editions – debuted at 2007 Geneva Auto Show, these are hard-core performance orientated editions, emphasize light weight saving 100kg on the regular car through extensive use of expensive carbon fibre. Power is upped by 10bhp for 523bhp (530PS). Acceleration was 0-100kph in 3.7 with a top speed of 314kph. Only 172 of the first edition Superleggeras were produced for just one year.

  • Superleggera returned for 2011-2013 model years this time with the newer 5.2-litre engine and dubbed LP570-4 with 562bhp (570PS) at 8000rpm for 0-100kph in 3.4seconds and a top speed of 325kph, thanks to a weight reduction that saw it tip the scales at just 1340kg.

  • In line with the Superleggera, the Spyder version got the same treatment and the car was badged Performante LP570-4.

  • The LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale for 2012 was limited to just 150 units and was an even more hard core version weighing just 1340kg and based on the Super Trofeo race car used in the one-make race series.


Lamborghini Gallardo - Speed meter

Which one to buy?

Aside from suggesting that you should go for a 2009-on Gallardo if you can, as the 2008 modifications really improved the breed, frankly speaking any Gallardo will be a simply sensational sports car to own and drive.

Rather than worrying about which specific year or edition to get, concentrate on finding the best cared-for and well-maintained car for the money, because it will save you heaps of hassle in the long run.

However unless you’re a professional racing driver, we’d suggest you avoid the rear-wheel drive editions, as they can be quite a handful on the limit, and the result could be messy and costly!

Lamborghini Gallardo - Logo

What to look out for?

  • This is a highly strung, temperamental and very demanding piece of exotica, that absolutely must be maintained to the highest standards. Any compromise and at best it will give you reliability issues in the long-run, at worst it could be dangerous to drive.

  • Make sure the Gallardo has been meticulously serviced and maintained at an official dealer or reputed specialist.

  • If the mileage is high, it might have been an ex-rental Gallardo. Walk away as they will have been abused. The mileage can be altered, so look for telltale signs of excessive use such as worn mats and driver’s seat, smoothed steering wheel trim, and rattly doors.

  • Always get a Gallardo professionally inspected before purchasing.

  • Big issues with clutches and transmissions on Gallardos, particularly E-gear automatics and earlier cars (pre-2008) – some reports suggest that as many as 15 per cent of Gallardos have had their clutches replaced.

  • Apparently the clutches have been designated A, B, C and E. A were the earliest clutches and prone to failure, B were slightly improved, but C were the most durable. However the latest version, E, is said to be toughest and is usually fitted as a replacement for the others.

  • Abuse, frequent brutal acceleration and gear changes, as well as repeated use of launch control, can see you needing a new clutch very quickly indeed.

  • Fortunately clutches can be replaced without removing the engine, but they’re not exactly cheap, you may need to set aside as much as AED20,000.

  • E-gear transmissions can be checked by Lamborghini specialists by hooking up to diagnostic software, this will reveal how hard the car has been driven too – definitely worth doing, before buying.

  • The engines are remarkably robust but over-revving has been known to cause damage and fires, and they’re also very sensitive to the type of engine oil used – make sure it’s only filled with the correct specification, or this could lead to long-term issues. A new engine might set you back well over AED250,000!

  • Beware as fires have been caused by weak power steering hoses leaking fluid into hot exhausts. Stronger hoses are available and these are well worth fitting if they haven’t already been changed.

  • Sticky throttle bodies could result in engine hunting, often occurring in cars that have spent a lot of time in slow traffic.

  • Electronics such as lights, window controls, radio controls can fail. Check that everything works properly. See if the stereo or navigation has been changed or swapped, incorrect installation could lead to major electrical problems.

  • The taillights can suffer from heat and vibration – trouble is you have to dismantle half the rear wheel arch to get at them.

  • Gallardos are fitted with Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres as standard. Check these for wear carefully. The rear tyres will probably only last around 10,000km and they’ll be at least AED3000 each to replace. Some owners might have replaced them with harder wearing, but less grippy Michelin Pilot Sports.

  • Wheels are prone to kerbing and therefore expensive damage, inspect them carefully. Good repairers are hard to find here, and replacements will be costly.

  • Listen carefully for creaking and cracking noises from the suspension, this could mean issues with the ball joints which will need replacing.

  • The all-aluminium body can be damaged easily and door dings are very unsightly, even people leaning on the car or posing against it for pictures could leave an indent.

  • Check carefully to ensure panel gaps are consistent and that everything lines up correctly. Any inconsistency could be a sign of repair. Look for overspray on the rear grill and make sure the doors, bonnet and engine cover open and close easily without rubbing against surrounding panels – and that includes the movement of the door handle.

  • Walk away from a Gallardo if there is any indication it’s been in a serious accident, and/or poorly repaired.

Lamborghini Gallardo - Wheels

What to pay?

Pay the most that you can afford – don’t set out to try and buy a cheap Lamborghini Gallardo. There is no such thing. And if it seems too good to be true, it definitely is. Always walk away if there is the slightest doubt.

Once you’ve established the upper ceiling of your buying budget, set aside at least 20 per cent of that again for maintenance, parts, repairs, servicing, upgrades and insurance. This will not be an economical car to own and run.

Even early pre-06 cars will be advertised at close to AED300k, with prices escalating to around three-quarters of a million for 2010 editions. Around AED450,000 should see you into a good 2009 car (which is, as previously mentioned, about the price of a new Audi R8). On the plus side all onlookers and most of your friends will think you’ve spent over a million on one of the coolest rides on the planet!

Picture gallery

Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo


Lamborghini Gallardo - Escape

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo - Seats

Lamborghini Gallardo - Radio

Browse Lamborghini Cars for sale on dubizzle available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Guide created in collaboration with:
Motoring Middle East

How to buy a used Ford Mustang 2005-2013

Thinking about getting a new car? why not a Ford Mustang? keep reading to be aware of all you need to know to get yourself this modern classic muscle car.

Ford Mustang 2005-2013 Used Guide


Why Buy It?
Why not buy it?
Model details
Which one?
What to look out for?
What to pay?
Picture gallery


The fifth generation Ford Mustang launched in 2005 was a brilliantly conceived retro-styled edition that took the original 1967 Fastback version of the first Mustang as its design inspiration.

The movie car, Eleanor (based on a 1967 Shelby Mustang Fastback) had become a sensation five years earlier in the Nicolas Cage starrer ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. This had sparked renewed interest in a car first brought to movie prominence by Steve McQueen in 1968’s ‘Bullitt’ in quite possibly the most famous car chase ever committed to celluloid.

So it was a logical move to take Ford’s iconic ‘pony car’ back in this direction stylistically. But the 2005 Mustang didn’t just represent a new body, this was a completely new rear-wheel drive platform for Ford, one that is to date still only used for the Mustang.

Used Ford Mustang

You may have heard a lot of about the alleged crudeness of the solid rear axle, which translates to a harsher ride and propensity to hop on roads with poor surfaces, but it is strong – something you need if you’re channelling a lot of torque to the rear wheels – and light. From Ford’s perspective, it’s obviously also cheaper to make. Frankly speaking you won’t notice much difference to regular independent suspension unless you do a lot of motorway miles, or find yourself up against an agile European sports car on a race track.

In fact the Mustang is a hugely satisfying and highly entertaining car to drive, with faithful responses from the steering, great performance, decent grip and road-holding at speed, yet traditional muscle-car-esque lurid but highly benign and controllable sideways antics at lower speeds.

Plus it’s narrower than its rivals, which makes it more practical around town and easier to park and of course it has those very usable rear seats, ideal for children, but okay for average-sized adults too.

Used Ford Mustang Buying Guide

Why buy it?

Are you kidding? Just look at it? It’s got one of the most recognisable shapes in American motoring history and the wonderful thing is that whilst it may look like a million dollars, it certainly doesn’t cost it.

The movie-star appeal combined with the everyday practicality, decent comfort and reasonable size all make it a highly desirable car. As far as its obvious American rivals are concerned this is the smallest and lightest, therefore the most economical and potentially quickest.

Ford Mustang Used Guide

Why not buy it?

If you’re looking for a sophisticated sports car with lots of clever engineering and computerised driving aids, you’d better look at something European. But frankly there are so few reasons not to buy a Ford Mustang that we’re struggling here.

The fit and finish is not the best in the business, it’s a very masculine car and it won’t be easy to find a used example that hasn’t either been modified/customised or abused/raced. Also if you need more rear room, it would be worth checking out the Challenger instead.

Ford Mustang Interior

Model details

  • The all-new fifth generation Ford Mustang was launched in 2005 and received a facelift in 2010 (the car you see in these pictures) with mechanical and cosmetic upgrades in 2011.

  • Sales started in our region in mid-2006 and it was available in both coupe and convertible guises in rear-wheel drive with 5-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

  • It was available with a 4.6-litre V8, with 300bhp and 320lb ft torque, giving a 0-100kph in under six seconds and a top speed of 229kph.

  • Dimensions: 2005-2009 Length 4770mm; Width 1900mm; Height 1380mm. 2010-2014 Length 4780mm; Width 1880mm; Height 1410mm.

  • Safety – it has a five star rating for driver and front passenger from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US.

  • Equipment included traction control, 17-inch alloy wheels and CD player. Options included six-disc CD player Shaker 500 Watt stereo, and Ford’s MyColor configurable instrument colour.

  • Extensive facelift for the 2010 model (seen in these pictures) somehow took the Mustang’s striking style and enhanced it even further.

  • For 2010 aerodynamic efficiency was improved by at least 6%. There was a restyled Mustang emblem, the headlight was redesigned with integrated indicator signals, and the side mirrors were new. Revised three-lens taillights with LEDs that blink in sequence to indicate turn signals, powerdome hood, smaller fog lights.

  • The 4.6-litre V8 got more power and torque – 315bhp and 325lb ft, and the exhausts were bigger to improve engine sound.

  • The suspension was revised and Ford’s AdvanceTrac traction and stability control system added. Options included Ford SYNC, two-zone climate control and reversing camera. 18-inch wheels were now standard.

  • Manual transmission was only available on base model coupes. Automatic convertibles were available and a full glass roof option was introduced.

  • For the 2011 model year, the 4.6-litre V8 was replaced with a brand new all-aluminium 32-valve 5.0-litre V8 (dubbed Coyote). It revved higher to 7000rpm and produced 412bhp and 390lb ft. Power for the 5.0 was increased to 420bhp for 2013.

  • A new 4.0-litre V6 engine was introduced with nearly as much power as the outgoing V8: 305bhp and 280lb ft.

  • Both engines were now available with new heavier-duty six-speed automatic manual and automatic transmissions.

  • Other improvements for 2011 including new electric power steering, enhanced aerodynamics, better refinement, a digital message and information centre and blind spot indicators.

  • 2011 convertibles received a front strut tower brace, stiffened crossmembers and strengthened bodywork giving 12% better structural rigidity.

  • 2013 saw the introduction of the latest model updates including a new larger grille, standard HID headlights, new LEDs up front, LED tail lamps and reverse was now part of the brake light with a black panel at the back linking the taillights. V8 models got blacked out taillights. There was also a new instrument display for premium models, plus LED fog lights.

  • Boss 302 special edition. A handful of these limited edition track-orientated Mustangs, based on the 2011 GT with the 5.0-litre V8 but upgraded to produce 444bhp, were sold in the region. It only came with a manual six-speed transmission and featured a toughened limited slip differential with carbon fibre plates. There were also quad exhausts – two side pipes in addition to the rear outlets. There was stiffer suspension, adjustable shocks and a bigger rear stabiliser, and the body was lowered by 11mm up front and 1mm at the back. It got improved aerodynamics with front and rear spoilers and 19-inch black alloy wheels shod with Pirelli P-Zero tyres.

  • The Shelby Mustangs are not covered by this guide.

Ford Mustang Cockpit

Which one?

Ford has done a great job of improving the breed with each revision and frankly you should try to buy the latest example you can. Most Mustang fans will want a V8 and if you’re buying a pre-2011 car that will be your only option. You may find some earlier V6 models but these were grey imports and won’t be GCC spec cars, so should be avoided.

Having said the new 2011-on 4.0 V6 was as powerful as the old V8, but for some the lure of the Eight’s classic movie-soundtrack rumble will be too great. The 2011 version’s 5.0 is regarding as a one of the best engines ever to grace a Mustang and is now being used in other Fords including the F150 Truck.

Earlier convertibles suffered from flex and scuttle shake (body flexing) but this was greatly improved for the 2011 version, so if you want a drop top, make sure it’s one of these.

Ford Mustang Engine

What to look out for?

  • The good news is that most Mustangs are owned by enthusiasts who tend to look after their car better. On the other hand, they might have been driven harder too.

  • A full service history is vital for a high performance car, especially if it’s still under warranty.

  • Engine and drivetrains are generally tough and reliable.

  • Most faults and issues reported by owners are related to trim and fittings, both internal and external, failing or coming loose. Push, prod, pull and click everything before you buy. Also check all seals around the doors.

  • Mustangs could have been involved in crashes, visually check to see if the car is straight and the bodywork lines up correctly. Check all the body panels for damage, ensure there’s even spacing along the shut lines around the doors and bonnet. Get it checked professionally if there’s any doubt whatsoever.

  • Avoid heavily modified or customised cars. If you must buy one, ascertain if the work has been done by a certified, authorised or respected dealer using correct and genuine parts. Ask if there’s any warranty remaining on the car, see if it’s been invalidated by the modifications.

  • 2004-05, if the check engine light comes on it could be a throttle position sensor fault on the 4.6 V8.

  • 2005-07, convertibles suffered problems with the top including latching closing issues and uneven retraction.

  • 2004-05, fuel level sending unit can get coated by sulphur compounds from petrol and deliver inaccurate fuel gauge readings.

  • 2005-06, noises from the front end when driving over bumps could be due to defective lower control arms bushings.

  • 2007-08, problems shifting into 2nd or 3rd with 4.6 V8 on Tremec TR3650 manual transmission could be because of faulty synchronisers.

  • 2011 problems reported with the Getrag MT82, six-speed manual transmission with owners reporting difficulty in engaging gears and excessive noise and vibration. This affected 3% of transmissions and Ford has come up with a series of rectifications from transmission oil viscosity to replacement clutch parts.

  • Always get the suspension checked, changing the shocks or struts is very costly.

What to pay?

Prices start from as little as AED35,000 for 2005 V8 Coupes, rising to AED70k for pre-facelift 2009 editions. Well specced 2010 cars are going from around AED100k. Budget from AED70k to AED170k for the newer 2011-onwards cars in non-Shelby spec.

Picture gallery

Ford Mustang Front

Fort Mustang Rear







Browse the Ford Mustang for sale on dubizzle available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain and Al Ain.

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UAE Property Stats Q3 2013

Here goes – we’ve got numbers on the UAE property market for Q3 to share with you! The Dubai & Abu Dhabi real estate markets are always under the watchful eyes of local & international investors, end-users and tenants – with the large amounts of data we accumulate on dubizzle we find it important to share any interesting trends or findings we may spot. This quarter showed an increase in prices in both Abu Dhabi & Dubai, some areas more than others. We also took a closer look at which type of properties (ie. 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR and 5BR) experienced the highest price changes from Q1 to Q3 and in which communities they are located. These and other interesting findings are displayed below! Enjoy!

UAE Real Estate Market Trends Q3 2013

UAE Property Statistics in Arabic

UAE Property Statistics in Arabic

dubizzle appoints CEO to support successful expansion of the region’s leading online classifieds portal

dubizzle appoints Director of Marketing, Arto Joensuu, as CEO of dubizzle.
Co-founders Sim Whatley and JC Butler make the decision to move away from day-to-day operations, whilst remaining as board members and advisors to the company.

Dubai, UAE – August 25, 2013: dubizzle today announced that Arto Joensuu, will take on the role of CEO – responsible for all dubizzle operations globally. The move signifies an important development in the growth of one of the region’s most exciting start-up success stories.

Co-founders Sim Whatley and JC Butler, who founded the business 8 years ago, from a shared bedsit with no investment, have made the decision to move into advisory positions on the board – as they make the move back to their homes in the USA and take up the whole new challenge of raising their respective young families.

The entrepreneurial duo have been at the helm of the business since its humble beginnings in 2005, taking it to an employer of over 150 people operating across 10 countries – the most recent milestone coming with the opening of an office in Egypt to support the 100 million page view’s the portal is now achieving in that market.

Butler, who has been responsible for steering the growth of the business in markets outside of the UAE commented: “After more than 8 years of running the day-to-day business of dubizzle, I, along with Sim, have decided to take a more strategic role that will allow us to move closer to our families and spend more time with our kids. While this decision is purely personal, our move from the roles of co-CEOs to the board will allow for dubizzle’s brilliant minds and impassioned leaders to carry the torch forward and accomplish goals far beyond what we imagined upon founding the company”.

Continuing on in the same thread, Whatley commented “It has been so inspirational to be able to have worked with such amazingly talented people over the past 8 years and humbling to realize that dubizzle has been able to attract those kinds of people. We believe wholeheartedly in what this team will accomplish over the long-term and can’t wait to see it continue”.

Through promoting talent from within, the decision to appoint Joensuu as the new CEO has left the board of dubizzle in no doubt that the values and entrepreneurial spirit that have driven dubizzle to its success will continue to blossom and achieve new heights. Throughout his career as a ‘Change Agent’, including leadership roles at Terra Mobile, Nokia and dubizzle, Joensuu has remained true to his belief that through the right people gelled together with the right values, any business challenge can be conquered.

“We are very fortunate to have Arto Joensuu leading the all-star team, who in his years as Director of Marketing, has had a profound impact on our culture, our way of working, and, not the least of which, our success” continued Whatley.

Since 2013, the company has seen explosive growth with almost 15 million visits per month, equating to a brand that is firmly ingrained in the culture of day-to-day life in the Emirates and in the expansion regionally of the concept of disrupting consumer exploitation which dubizzle so joyfully promotes, meaning a service that allows a more sustainable way of living through trading second hand goods.

In a closing statement, Butler emphasised that: “Sim and I still believe deeply in the vision and mission of dubizzle and intend to remain personally invested in the company, both in time and money, for as long as we are of benefit. For anyone interested in my 2010 crew-cab Bluetooth enabled Ford F-150 pick-up truck (black with chrome trim), keep an eye out on dubizzle ;-)”.

The fun-loving spirit that has spurred the company to success through glorious and turbulent times evidently lives on, within dubizzle and the two entrepreneurs that started it all.


From left-to-right: Sim Whatley, co-founder, Arto Joensuu, newly appointed CEO of dubizzle & JC Butler, co-founder; showing their fun-loving spirit that has spurred the company to success in the MENA region

About dubizzle.com

dubizzle.com is the leading free classifieds website for users in the Middle East and North Africa. Since its launch in 2005, dubizzle.com has become the number one portal for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community. dubizzle.com is headquartered in the UAE, and is available in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Barry Judge
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